Saskatchewan takes a bite out of the Big Apple

Saskatoon tech company, myComply
Saskatoon tech company, myComply

myComply doing business with New York City

myComply, the Saskatoon-based construction safety technology provider, has begun work with the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB). The company was selected to build and administer the software required to develop a citywide construction safety database.

New York City’s construction industry has struggled with workplace safety issues for years, and in 2017 Mayor De Blasio signed Local Law 196. The law regulates standardized safety training for the construction sector that should help mitigate workplace injuries and fatalities in the city. The City needed a way to manage the data for the new regulations to ensure that worksites are compliant and workers on site have the required training.

myComply’s proprietary software, and its hardware components, offered a solution for New York City. The company put forward a proposal to the city’s tender call and was awarded the contract in 2020.

Now, myComply—with a Brooklyn-based presence—has begun work to build the database as all construction workers working in New York City must have the mandated safety training completed by March 1, 2021.

Beyond the work with the City of New York, myComply is used by more than 5,000 contractors around the world to ensure that workers have the training required by company or government regulations.

Despite its growing presence outside the province, myComply is truly Saskatchewan-based and committed to staying local. “While our customers are largely in the U.S., we’re a Saskatoon company and our head office is here,” says Mark Wolff, myComply’s CEO. “We are building out our venture here. We are part of the Saskatchewan tech sector and staying that way.”

Founded in 2015, Saskatoon and Brooklyn-based myComply is a technology platform that ensures construction site compliance and provides worker analytics. myComply is setting a new standard for how training certifications are managed and verified on construction sites. The platform combines intelligent hardware with easy-to-use software used to verify safety training and is relied on by contractors to reduce risk on construction sites.

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