Let’s Talk Tourism YQR Ignites Collaboration

Photo by Aaron Hepting

On January 25, 2018, the CNT Management Group hosted Let’s Talk Tourism YQR and brought together 84 leaders of the tourism industry to reconnect and participate in a priority exercise for tourism in Regina. It provided an excellent sounding board for the existing work being accomplished by Tourism Regina and opened doors to new potential.

Photo by Aaron Hepting

Following the event, 89 per cent of the respondents indicated they want to get involved and are willing to invest in the future of our tourism development, a great step to help pave the way, carry on the conversation and stimulate innovation and collaboration in and for the tourism industry.

The first recommendation was to build a unified tourism voice, a priority Tourism Regina has completely endorsed and was already in the process of implementing an internal strategy with the City of Regina and the Regina Hotel Association.

The second recommendation was to fully engage in agri-value, a strong and well-established sector within Economic Development Regina. The next few months will help determine how this will take shape, and how Tourism Regina will engage the attendees who indicated their excitement in getting involved in an agri-value project.

The third recommendation was to have a serious look at transportation issues surrounding our city. This included air access, highway signage, taxi, Uber, shuttles and an overall strategy to support our city’s growth.

Photo by Aaron Hepting

Newcomer Experience was identified as the fourth recommendation. Great suggestions were made that will require a much large number of stakeholders, well beyond the scope of tourism, to be involved in successfully activating these recommendations.  The multi-lingual aspect alone will require extensive mobilization.

Last but not least, technology and the use of technology to enhance the tourism experience.  This area has already begun bearing fruit as some participants have initiated partnerships. Technology offers infinite opportunities for growth and development and has the potential to elevate the tourism experience to a whole new level.

As organizers of the event, the CNT Management Group also emphasized that we must embrace our Treaty 4 identity, not as a standalone Indigenous tourism product or service but as an integral part of our city landscape and tourism experience.

Let’s Talk Tourism YQR reinvigorated many tourism leaders to reconnect with one another, provided Tourism Regina and its partners with a plan of action and a resource of individuals ready to engage in new and exciting tourism projects. Tourism Regina will be hosting tourism networking events in the future, creating opportunities for tourism businesses to stay connected and provide greater support to the industry as a whole.