Workers’ Compensation: Your system – Your way

Interact with more than 11 local and national safety experts this spring at the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board’s (WCB) interactive learning conference, Compensation Institute.

The 2018 educational event will take place March 19-20 at Queensbury Centre in Regina. Free and open to the public, the conference will provide tools and tips on how to prevent and manage workplace injuries.

“Here at the WCB, we are always working to improve open and transparent communication with our customers and one way to do that is to host Compensation Institute,” said Peter Federko, CEO of the WCB. “Compensation Institute has been a key learning experience for workers, employers and WCB staff for 20 years.”

Compensation Institute also provides plenty of opportunities to network with other employers, safety professionals and with WCB staff on claims management and employer services.

“This event opens up a dialogue with workers and employers on how we can improve our services and how workers and employers can create injury-free workplaces,” said Phil Germain, Vice-President of Prevention and Employer Services at the WCB. “Our roster of speakers this year promises to spark insightful discussions around workplace safety so we can all achieve Mission: Zero – zero injuries, zero fatalities, zero suffering.”

Germain added that the WCB always takes attendee feedback and uses that to improve Compensation Institute year after year.

Vicki Radons, Safety/Human Resources Consultant at Partner Technologies Incorporated, first attended Compensation Institute approximately three years ago. Now she makes sure that she, or another representative from her company, attends the event annually.

“I always try to mark it on my calendar. It’s an event I try to work my schedule around,” she said. “I always find Comp. Institute is well organized with relevant speakers and topics. They always have a good refresher on topics and then they always bring forward new topics that are relevant and interesting.”

She added that she learns something every year on new trends she may or may not know about. For instance, the last few years there have been speakers on medical marijuana and mental health, areas that are becoming “much more prevalent in the workplace,” she said.

“The insights that I get from the sessions are helpful in establishing new policies for our company. It also helps us handle our claims situations better and to support our employees,” said Radons.

Providing useful information is exactly what the WCB aims to provide at Compensation Institute.

“It’s important for us to provide timely information that our customers want,” said Germain. “That way, they can walk away with practical information and we can also better understand their needs. We look forward to meeting with our customers every year at this event.”

This year’s speaker list includes:

  • Meghan McCreary, MLT Aikens – Is your workplace prepared for legalized marijuana?

Meghan can help you get your workplace prepared for legalized marijuana.

  • Todd Conklin – Beyond behaviour: Learn new principles in safety management

Dr. Conklin says simple acts can revitalize your workplace.

  • Paul Krismer – How happiness can create a positive safety culture

Paul says leveraging positive psychology increases workplace wellness.

  • Michael Melnik – How to generate energy and drive safe behaviours in the workplace

Michael says an energized approach can create a safe, healthy and productive workplace.

  • Stuart Ellis-Myers (a.k.a. Twitchy) – Mental Health: Addressing the unsafe mind, change your thoughts, change your life

Stuart shares tips on how to spot mental health safety issues.

  • Lionel Laroche – Effectively communicating with culturally different people

Lionel believes cultural differences can turn into a source of creativity and innovation.

Registration for 2018 Compensation Institute opens Feb. 12. For more information, visit www.wcbsask.com/compensation-institute-2018.