Westridge Construction Ltd: Safety Makes Business Sense

Regina’s Westridge Construction takes safety seriously. A proud member of the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA), Westridge is an active participant with the organization with company employees holding various positions on the board for the past four years. “It’s important that we’re active in the industry that provides our livelihood,” says Leon Friesen, President of Westridge Construction. “Our senior leadership is committed to supporting the organizations that support us.”

Westridge Construction is COR®-certified, identifying years ago that the certification would provide value to the company and its employees. “Our certification is part of our commitment to a safe workplace,” says Friesen. “While we have always had an internal safety program, COR® certification adds external checks and processes that are so valuable.” The certification is a key part of the company’s excellent safety record.

The company’s motivation for a comprehensive safety program is driven by their commitment to the Westridge team. The company ensures that employees have the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe, and that the workplace operates in a safe manner. “While having a good safety record means we’re staying off the local news, it’s much more than that,” says Friesen. “We’re a team, and we make sure our team goes home every night having spent their day working in safe environment.”

Good safety also makes good business sense for Westridge Construction. When employees feel safe, they are more likely to stay with a company long-term—which is great for the bottom line. “COR® certification and our working environment create an atmosphere that ensures employees feel safe to do their jobs,” says Friesen. The work on safety never ends, however. Westridge is now working on a new idea, where employees are empowered by their knowledge, and confident to address issues with their fellow workers when they see a potentially unsafe event or situation. “We don’t want our safety program to ‘bubble-wrap’ people to the point that they don’t see risks,” says Friesen. “We want to ensure employees are safe, but don’t develop a false sense of security. This will be the focus of our next level of safety training.” And, Westridge’s involvement with SCSA is an integral part of their safety commitment. Whatever the future holds for the Westridge safety program, SCSA is there to provide the support the company has come to expect.

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