They Speak Business: Get to Know the NSBA

NSBA Annual Mayoral Luncheon
NSBA Annual Mayoral Luncheon

What do you do if you’re a business owner who needs your unheard concerns represented to City Hall, the Provincial Legislature or even the House of Commons? Well, nowadays you’d call the NSBA.

But more than 50 years ago, there was no NSBA to speak of. So, a small group of committed entrepreneurs in Saskatoon’s north end rolled up their sleeves and took it upon themselves to make their voices heard, filling a void and finding a niche in the advocacy world.

Today, the NSBA still displays the same renegade DNA of its founders but has grown to represent over 750 businesses throughout the city and beyond. In addition to going to bat for its members to all levels of government, the NSBA also excels in providing networking, education, and community building opportunities for all its members.

Advocacy is where the NSBA got its start, and it remains central to the association today. “The NSBA is an active advocate for our members, lobbying government about issues important to our business community,” says Keith Moen, Executive Director. “We consistently punch above our weight in delivering results for our membership on issues big and small. Our members drive our policy positions, and we want our members’ voices heard.”

What sets the NSBA apart is the “NSBA DNA,” the indefinable quality that inspired its founders to represent themselves to the city and continues to this day as arguably the most welcoming and supportive business community in the province. NSBA members recognize the benefits of networking, collaboration, and continuous learning; they are constantly looking to help others recognize this value as well and create mutually beneficial partnerships.


Popcorn and Entrepreneurship Series

The NSBA DNA is on display at dynamic, entertaining events such as the Popcorn and Entrepreneurship Series, presented by EY, or the annual Business Builder Awards, presented by Nutrien. These events allow members of the business community a chance to rub elbows outside of the boardroom and celebrate success. “Our events have become known as the ‘can’t-miss’ dates on the business community social calendar,” says Moen. “We pride ourselves on creating quality networking opportunities for our members, providing quality content, and, perhaps most importantly, starting and finishing on time!”

As an NSBA member, you belong to the NSBA and the NSBA belongs to you! Member involvement on one of the NSBA’s various policy committees – with an arm’s length, yet direct connection – is what enables the NSBA to be more outspoken, critical, or even complimentary of any particular government in comparison to other business organizations.

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