The sky’s the limit: Investment opportunities with Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies

Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies (PBGOC) is the for-profit business development entity of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, involved in over 40 businesses across five divisions: fuel and retail, property, industrial, minor investments, and major investments. Their expertise covers a wide range of industries, with success operating gas stations, hotels, cannabis, forestry, welding, mining, and property management.

Their involvement in each business varies, but one thing doesn’t change; in every partnership no matter the size, PBGOC’s CEO Gary Merasty says, “We work hard at those relationships to make sure they are always healthy and vibrant.”

Economic impact – Small and medium businesses are the backbone of Saskatchewan, keeping people employed and developing new projects, hiring contractors and subcontractors during these projects … and were injecting capital into these businesses, says Gary Merasty, PBGOC CEO

Vibrant partnerships

Their experience and expertise also make PBGOC an excellent candidate for a business partner. Merasty emphasizes the importance of their ability to provide tremendous experience and advice in governance and creating governance structures, high level direction, and financial support to their partners.

When asked what makes PBGOC a great business partner Merasty says, “we spend a lot of time listening and learning and allowing partners to flourish and grow. We bring trust, confidence, the ability to invest and grow our partnership, and we bring a healthy balance sheet to the relationship. I think we bring a great reputation as well, and a very strong track record of success.”

He also says that they have been approached by non-Indigenous businesses and asked about what economic reconciliation looks like. “Nobody expects a freebie through economic reconciliation. It’s taking the risk to consider us as a potential business partner If they are taking the risk of exploring a partnership with an Indigenous business, our responsibility to that relationship is to make sure that the business is successful, that we bring value and prosper together, and make sure we don’t let them down. We take that responsibility extremely seriously.”

Into the future

Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies is currently welcoming new investment opportunities at all levels of involvement.  “We want to make sure that we are contributing to the Saskatchewan economy and a big part of that is supporting our own communities and members as best as we can. The sky’s the limit,” says Merasty.

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