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Directwest Dashboard
Directwest Dashboard

Directwest can help you navigate your business to success

Data. Today, we’re swimming in it. Any business with a website and a social media presence has access to reams of data about who is looking for them, how long they are staying and what they are looking for. However, many business owners don’t have the time or perhaps the know-how to best use this data to grow their companies. Fear not—Directwest can help.

“Technology drives business today,” says Andrew Clarke, Vice-President of Brand, Digital Platforms, and Technology at Directwest. “At a minimum, a small business’s website can provide much needed information about its customers. Entrepreneurs just need to know how to use it.” Directwest, with its decades of experience in data management, can do just that. Not only does the company build websites and manage social media platforms for its customers, it can also help customers use their data to better market their companies, products and services.

Directwest Dashboard - Ready When You Are.

Directwest Dashboard – Ready When You Are.

Directwest takes the data provided by the backend of customer websites and social media accounts and creates reports that show their customers what’s working and what’s not. The company’s custom-built software brings together media channels and provides easy-to-understand data analysis that can be used to manage a company’s marketing strategy. “With our reporting, our customers can get a concise view of how they’re doing, and how their investments in marketing are paying off,” says Clarke. “We can literally calculate your return on investment for marketing tactics, and help you decide where best to spend your money.”

Business owners can use their data to find out everything from how they’re being found online, where their website ranks in searches and how potential customers are engaging online. Clarke likens it to the workings of a clock, where the gears are moving together. “The smaller gears move the larger, and they work together driving your marketing strategy,” says Clarke. “We help you analyze each ‘gear’ to make sure it’s working with all the others.” The result of this is always to drive conversion and determine if your strategy is resulting in phone calls, appointments, emails or whatever your call-to-action is.

With its humble beginnings as the phone book company, Directwest now employs digital marketing expertise and data management to help your business succeed. And, every Directwest customer has their own local advisor that works with their budget to find the marketing strategy that will work for their company.  “We know small business owners are busy, and we can help manage the marketing workload,” says Clarke. “Our data analysis and our team of advisors can take your data and make it manageable, usable and profitable.”

Directwest can help your company cut through the data to make the right decisions for you. With more than one hundred years of Saskatchewan-based experience, Directwest is ready when you are. Learn more at or call 1-800-667-8201 to talk to an advisor today.

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