South Saskatchewan Community Foundation: Empowering vibrant communities

Improving Saskatchewan Communities
The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation (SSCF) has been connecting donors to charities and causes in local communities throughout Saskatchewan for over 54 years. Founded in 1969, SSCF has grown from an initial donation of $60,000 to over $100 million in contributions made to Saskatchewan communities, $6.2 million of which was allocated in 2022 alone.

The foundation actively engages with communities by connecting diverse groups and individuals, and channeling resources to where they are needed the most. By fostering collaborations and partnerships, the foundation creates a ripple effect of positive change that touches the lives of many. As a local foundation, SSCF understands Saskatchewan communities. Not to mention, most of their board and staff grew up in the area and are dedicated to fostering strong and vibrant communities for future generations.

Many people don’t know how to be involved in their community, how to help, or where to start. Community foundation is a way for donors to have the most impact with their gift. SSCF listens to their partners to learn about the causes they care about and how they want to leave their legacy. They can combine donor requests with their own expertise and informed understanding of charities and communities to maximize the impact of their funds.

Helping You Give Back for Generations to Come
In South Saskatchewan Community Fund’s legacy model, donations are pooled together, and the investment gains are put back into the fund. The donor is attached, and the capital is preserved and protected, and the income goes back to the communities. According to Donna Ziegler, the SSCF’s executive director, “Legacy giving is one of the most significant and lasting contributions you can make to the cause of humanity,” because the funds last significantly longer so that they can “continue to allow the chosen communities and organizations to thrive and provide programming for many generations.” Ziegler calls it the “gift that keeps on giving.”

The Clark and Anne Lewis legacy fund is a perfect example of this. It was started in 2006 and still gives back to the community 17 years later. Donors Will Clark and Anne Lewis wanted to give back to the areas of Moosomin and Wawota where they spent their life, and through a generous estate gift a fund was established and the lives of seniors and youth in these communities are enriched through these funds every year. Legacy funds through their ongoing investment income are able to provide funding and programming to good causes for many generations.

Vital Signs Research
The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation is committed to remaining close to, and familiar with, local Saskatchewan communities in their area. They participate in Vital Signs, a community check-up completed by community foundations across Canada. The foundation works in partnership with research analysts and Luther College to obtain data from Statistics Canada and other research from across Canada revealing indicators which are used to measure the vitality of Saskatchewan communities. Ziegler says “This pulse check is significant to our knowledge of Saskatchewan communities and the issues affecting them.” Specifically, the research is used so that the foundation can make educated and informed decisions when determining which causes to support that will reach the most people and have the largest impact. The Vital Signs research is shared in a report which is shared with the public so that the entire community can better understand potential barriers.

Bringing People Together
The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation’s longevity and assets make them a trusted partner for all kinds of donors and charities. They have the tools, expertise, and flexibility to work with donors to accept different kinds of assets that charities may not be able to. Ziegler emphasizes, “We don’t compete with charities, we do the best we can with their investments, with collaborating, and with resources, to have the most impact together and improve the wellbeing of our communities.” The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation is proud to bring people together as they continue to grow their vital community fund, so that they can have more impact on the issues that are important to the community.

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