“Small” but Mighty — Biomed Recovery & Disposal Ltd.

Biomed Recovery & Disposal Ltd.
Biomed Recovery & Disposal Ltd.

Made-in-Saskatchewan technology and made-in-Saskatchewan products, sold and serviced by local people with a long, proud history.

For most people, waste disposal isn’t something we give much thought to, especially when we’re in a medical office, pharmacy or hospital. Luckily, there is a local company that cares a lot so we don’t have to, and they’re working in ways you would never imagine. For more than 25 years, Biomed Recovery & Disposal Ltd. (Biomed) has been providing Saskatchewan with biohazardous waste disposal and management services. The company serves every hospital in Saskatchewan, proudly offering greater capacity, groundbreaking products and cutting-edge technology that is second-to-none, far ahead of well-known multinational corporations working in the same field. “We may be seen as a small local service provider, but nothing could be further from the truth,” says Cam Willett, Vice-President Sales & Marketing. “We’re a leader in our space, always ready and available with the products and services needed for any situation.”

Biomed Recovery & Disposal Ltd

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The company processes all four kinds of waste—general medical waste (items such as needles and scalpels), anatomical waste (blood and biologicals), pharmaceuticals (expired and unneeded drugs) and cytotoxic waste (cell altering products, such as cancer treatment waste). “We are the only company in Canada creating and using new technology for biohazard waste disposal,” says Willett. “Through our proprietary processes, we’re able to safely render all biohazards sterile, inert and safe for the landfill.” In recent years, the company worked with the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Environment to develop safer, more efficient technology to handle pharmaceutical and cytotoxic waste. “Incineration is the old way of handling biomedical waste, especially for cytotoxic waste,” says Willett. “So, we worked with the government to make it much, much better.” It’s technology right here at home that is far ahead of companies much larger than Biomed—impressive, indeed.

The Biomed team is also at the forefront of product development for disposal units. Their 72L needle disposal unit was designed with the City of Saskatoon, creating a unit that had the capacity and safety required for anyone using the product. Now found in 23 sites across Saskatoon, it’s also caught on across the country. Newly redesigned for 2019, the unit (plus everything made by Biomed) is manufactured in Saskatchewan. “Our Regina warehouse is capable of assembling everything we design,” says Willett. “And, our products and services are supported by our in-house sales and service team. When you call us, you’re talking to someone that lives and works here.”

Biomed also has two waste management plants at Aberdeen with over 30,000 square feet of floor space and the capacity to process all types of biohazardous waste from around the province, plus room for more. “Our plants can handle all waste created within Saskatchewan, and we also service contracts as far away as British Columbia,” says Willett. “We can assist with waste management from across the country. Our plants can easily handle multiple times the volume of waste that we process now.”

Biomed Recovery & Disposal Ltd. is a Saskatchewan success story grown over time with great care and attention, committed to the health and safety of our province’s patients, medical professionals and our communities. With a dedicated 30-plus team of professionals, Biomed Recovery & Disposal Ltd. is ready to serve now, and in the future—and always proudly one step ahead.

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