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Drew Renwick, Directwest. Photo by Shane Luhning.

Directwest Billboards Get Messages to the Masses

Billboards are one of the oldest marketing channels out there. Invented in the 1830s, they gained traction in the 1860s, and became ubiquitous in the 20th century. They are now a permanent part of the marketing landscape as a stalwart marketing tool that earned its longevity because they work. However, the billboards of today are taking out-of-home advertising methods and applying 21st century technology to a 19th century invention.

Benefits of Billboards

Unlike digital ads, there is no billboard ad blocker that can prevent your message from being seen. “Billboards are an excellent way to amplify the message from other marketing channels,” says Drew Renwick, Directwest’s Business Support Manager, Revenue Growth. “They convey your message and keep it top of mind in a way that can’t be impeded. Billboards can cover your marketing bases like no other tool.”

Billboards are incredibly effective when deployed correctly. Because they are designed to drive awareness, the message must be short with big, bold branding. “Billboards push a simple idea that people will notice. If they are interested, then your other channels come into play—like your website or social media,” says Renwick. “Your message should push interested consumers to your other points of contact and into your sales funnel.”

Go Digital

Digital billboards, unlike their paper predecessors, offer far more creative, dynamic and responsive advertising options that are also budget friendly. It all starts with selecting the right locations for your messages and designing creative that can be specifically tailored to meet your needs. “There are so many more options when you’re using a digital billboard,” says Renwick. “For example, you can change your creative for time of day, meaning you can show one message for daytime and one for evening because a billboard location can have a different market between day and night.”

The digital option also allows for quick changes to keep messages fresh and avoid ad fatigue. Plus, you can even engage the audience further by adding dynamic options such as the current time, weather or real-time social media to attract attention.

The technology doesn’t stop there either. Directwest’s Programmatic offering can also provide excellent metrics on exactly how many impressions your advertising made. Using audited traffic and mobile data, impressions can be tracked to ensure that your target market is getting your message. “New technology is making digital billboards an even more powerful tool,” says Renwick.

All this technology combines into a system that has changed how you can buy billboards too. “By leveraging the digital data, you can buy impressions instead of spots in a loop—meaning you can maximize your budget and your reach,” says Renwick.

Directwest Advantage

In the centre of the Saskatchewan digital billboard space, you’ll find Directwest. Their innovative digital billboard network is extensive, with 78 faces in 23 markets across Saskatchewan. “We’re the only player in the space with that level of exposure,” says Renwick.

The company has also upgraded many boards with the new technology, standardizing sizes and improving image quality so that messages look their very best. The level of creativity that can be used in the Directwest network is unparalleled, giving you access to an excellent marketing opportunity that reaches your market where they are—at a price that works for your marketing budget.

Plus, Directwest can handle your billboard marketing campaign from start to finish. “We can work with you to determine your campaign goals, create the appropriate message, deploy it where it needs to be seen, and provide the metrics after the campaign,” says Renwick. It’s all part of the Directwest experience.

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