Safety Starts at the Top: Snake Lake Group of Companies

Snake Lake Group of Companies
Snake Lake Group of Companies

Prince Albert’s Snake Lake Group of Companies was established in 1995 through its introduction into the province’s uranium mine industry. In just a short period, they recognized the need for COR® certification and the value it would bring. “From ours and our client’s perspective, we saw the benefits of having a COR® certified safety program,” says Jeff Laewetz, general manager of the Snake Lake Group of Companies. “Clients would have assurance of our commitment to safety, and our team would get the safety knowledge we needed.”

After the company’s 2002 COR® certification, Snake Lake has seen their safety program evolve to far exceed the minimum and what it has meant on every project they have delivered. “We’ve grown as a company, and with that, so has our approach to safety on the job,” says Laewetz. “It’s ingrained in our team and it started at the top.”

The management team has an entrenched and committed philosophy to safety.  They live it every day. That commitment and the knowledge to execute jobs safely is passed down to project teams and the field staff. The Snake Lake Group of Companies makes safety a priority right from the beginning. “It’s a team effort and it starts from the moment we bid for a job,” says Laewetz. “And, it continues until the project is completed and the reviews are in.”

Laewetz credits COR® certification for providing the discipline and structure the company needed to build and maintain a safety system designed for their needs. The company took the baseline provided by COR® and created something usable for their industry. “We work in a dynamic industry that deals with change continuously,” says Laewetz. “COR® is not a cookie cutter solution and it adapts to our needs.”

Snake Lake is also proud of the robust relationship they have developed with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA). The training the SCSA has provided over the years has supported Snake Lake as it developed its in-house systems and courses. “The SCSA gave us the baseline we needed and supported us as we grew,” says Laewetz. After 25 years in the business, Snake Lake has a safety record to be proud of and that is due, in part, to their relationship with the SCSA, and COR® certification.

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