Safety First, Safety Always: AlumaSafway Saskatchewan

AlumaSafeway Saskatchewan
AlumaSafeway Saskatchewan

Safety is top of mind at AlumaSafway all day, every day. Branch manager Don Black began work with the company as Safway in 2011 when it arrived in Saskatchewan. “In 2017, we merged with Aluma Systems and became AlumaSafway,” says Black. The company provides scaffolding, forming and shoring solutions and comprehensive commercial and industrial services—all with a careful eye on safety as they work in oil and gas, power generation, infrastructure, and commercial construction.

AlumaSafway has a dedicated safety philosophy, based on five pillars that make up their safety program. “Our five pillars are designed to assess safety on the job daily, report issues, review procedures, manage training and conduct audits,” says Black. “The pillars are built into our daily work and our systems.”

The company is COR® certified through the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) which keeps AlumaSafway current with all regulations in Saskatchewan. As well, Black notes that their US parent company uses U.S. OSHA requirements as the baseline for safety in its Canadian operations. “Since our Corporate head office is based in the U.S., our safety manual follows OSHA requirements with Canadian content as addendums, ” says Black.  “Through constant interaction with the SCSA by training and COR certification, it allows us to focus more on the Saskatchewan safety requirements. Whatever the case, we always adhere to the more stringent safety standard, whether that be a Provincial standard, a site standard, or our own AlumaSafway standard.”

AlumaSafway is also an active participant in the SCSA safety training program and takes advantage of the many SCSA on-site safety demonstration. “Our team are encouraged to take SCSA’s many training courses as they are so valuable to our work,” says Black. The safety demonstrations are also appreciated, and often used on job sites. “We had the hardhat safety demonstration on a site near Estevan with 400 workers, and it was very popular.”

The company also appreciates the COR® audit. “The audit’s interviews from top to bottom are excellent,” says Black. “The audit process really identified the knowledge and skills we have, and where we need to make improvements.” AlumaSafway appreciates how the audit looks at everyone’s perspectives to provide a holistic picture of safety performance.

Finally, AlumaSafway recognizes the value of their overall partnership with SCSA. “The training and expertise they offer is second-to-none,” says Black.

AlumaSafway Saskatchewan
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