Safety Counts All Day, Every Day: Great Plains Contracting LP

Great Plains Contracting. Photo by David Stobbe.
Great Plains Contracting. Photo by David Stobbe.

Formerly known as Points Athabasca FHQ Contracting LP, Great Plains Contracting changed its name in 2018 to better reflect its work, mission and beginnings with a meaningful new brand. “We wanted to showcase our unique identity with a brand that acknowledges who we are and where we work,” says John Desjarlais, General Manager. “Great Plains Contracting does that.” The company is a partnership between FHQ Developments Ltd. (which is owned by the 11 First Nation communities of Five Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council), Points Athabasca (an Athabasca Basin Development Company), and Graham Construction. Its connection to Saskatchewan’s Indigenous communities runs strong and deep, as does its commitment to providing opportunities to Indigenous people.

Great Plains Contracting The industrial contractor has worked with major Saskatchewan companies like K + S Potash, Nutrien and SaskPower on many projects with varying scopes of sophistication. The company works on industrial projects including site maintenance; earthworks and civil construction; structural, mechanical and piping construction; concrete installations and repairs; mill maintenance and so much more. No matter the size, scope or location of the project, Great Plains brings its dedication to quality work every step of the way. “We pride ourselves on the level of value-added construction services we provide,” says Desjarlais.

Not only does the company provide quality work, it is also creating quality jobs and building capacity for its industry. Through its work, Great Plains is also building opportunities for Indigenous people in Saskatchewan. “We’re also here to engage with Indigenous communities, cultivating sustainable, meaningful, long-term economic opportunities,” says Desjarlais. The company works hard to train its team, encouraging worker skills as they move from entry-level positions into more complex, skilled roles. “Capacity building is important to us, and we focus on how we can encourage and support people as they grow in their jobs with us,” says Desjarlais.

Great Plains is also committed to providing a safe workplace for everyone they work with. Proudly COR® certified with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association, they are also a signatory to Graham Construction’s safety program and have used it to strengthen their own safety program. The Graham program helped Great Plains build the safety-focused culture it has now and continues to improve on. “The Road to Zero is our overarching principle, and it’s visible in everything we do,” says Desjarlais. “Safety is always an exercise in continuous improvement, and for us it comes down to everyone going home safely, every day.”

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