Safety Begins with Teamwork: W. Hunter Electric Ltd.

Safety is the first thing on everyone’s mind at W. Hunter Electric Ltd. The company’s commitment to safety is led by co-owner Kim Hunter, who has handled safety and human resources for the 33-strong team over the last eight years. The COVID-19 pandemic has added another level of safety protocol to their daily work, readily embraced by the company to protect themselves and their clients. “We reacted quickly to the changes that the outbreak required,” says Hunter. “We set up several office staff to work from home, added additional sanitation and hygiene procedures for our shop and job sites, and changed our delivery and warehouse procedures to minimize contact.”

Even in normal times, W. Hunter Electric has made safety a priority every day. The company has integrated technology into their procedures, with every staff member using SiteDocs (a web-based safety management tool) to handle their safety documentation. “SiteDocs helps us stay on top of issues in real time,” says Hunter. “I can see right away what’s happening on our sites, and we can address things immediately.”

W. Hunter Electric also makes sure their team understands the “why” behind their safety procedures. “Blind compliance isn’t valuable,” says Hunter. “Educating people on the reasons and science behind company policies and procedures is far more engaging and productive.” As well, the company firmly believes that no task is worth the risk to anyone’s health and safety. “We want everyone to head home healthy, happy and safe at the end of every workday,” says Hunter. This philosophy on safety works well, as evidenced by no lost time incidents in 2018 or 2019.

Finally, W. Hunter Electric acknowledges the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association’s knowledge and support in developing their company’s safety program. “Their expertise was invaluable in helping us set up our program,” says Hunter. “And, we became COR® certified in 2018. That certification has brought recognition to our company and shows our industry that we’re committed to safety in everything we do.”

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