RNF Ventures Ltd: Safety Rules are Their Best Tools

RNF Ventures Ltd. is a General Contracting, Design Build and Construction Management company based in Prince Albert celebrating its 20th COR anniversary this year.

More than twenty years ago, RNF Ventures Ltd. saw the value in becoming Certificate of Recognition (COR®) Certified. The company decided to pursue the certification in 1996, and became certified in February 1997.  RNF wanted to reduce work-related injuries and improve their WCB rating, and a program was needed to achieve these goals. They felt they owed it to their employees to make a genuine commitment to safety, and wanted to find a system that would put them on the leading edge. They determined that is was COR® that would take them there.

Everyone at RNF Ventures plays a part in safety. Their shareholders, senior management, project managers, site supervisors and onsite employees all participate in the COR® program. The program covers many safety issues, including developing safe work practices, conducting onsite hazard assessments and having consistent toolbox meetings. And, the staff participation is the key to making the program work, and work well. Today, the COR® program is second nature to everyone in the company.

COR® has helped the company track trends which have identified areas that may need attention within the program. RNF has also found the audits very helpful to see how they are doing, and where they can make improvements.  The benefits of COR® have been easy to find since implementation two decades ago. Expectations around safety have increased, and there is no longer a need to enforce safety on job sites. Safe working is the norm within the team and around sites.

The commitment to safety plays a vital part of RNF Ventures’ success. Keith Bird, RNF Ventures’ Internal Operations Manager has much to say about COR® and the vital role it plays in the organization. “We know that the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) has worked hard to make safety an important part of the criteria for awarding government tenders,” says Bird. “We were awarded a job from the Government of Saskatchewan’s Central Services, despite being the 3rd lowest bid. When Central Services applied their Best Value Procurement Criteria which awards points for COR®, we got the job over the two non-COR® companies with lower bids.” Bird, and RNF Ventures, are pleased to see that buyers of construction services recognize the value of safety and certifications like COR®. “Hats off to the SCSA for the work they have done to make safety a priority,” says Bird.

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