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Magnus Construction, Saskatoon

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When Conrad Correa and Pablo Hincapie made the move from Vancouver to Saskatoon 12 years ago, they knew that efficient building structures and envelopes would be the key to their success in Saskatchewan’s harsh climate. “We had international business experience—and experience in extreme climates—and saw a major opportunity in spray foam insulation,” says Correa. “We set out to become the trusted experts in insulation.” Magnus Construction, more than a decade later, are now the professionals they planned to become. Offering insulation, thermal barriers, fireproofing, restoration, and roofing services for residential, commercial and industrial construction, they are the name Saskatoon trusts to get the job done.

Magnus Construction, Saskatoon

Correa and Hincapie got started by testing every spray foam product in the market, seeing what product offered the best value and quality to their customers and their projects. Magnus Construction began working in the residential construction market and moved on to commercial and then industrial construction projects as their expertise grew. “We had worked with all spray foam products today, and now we can ensure that we deliver the product that will work best for each individual project,” says Correa. “No two projects are the same, so we make sure our solutions are tailored.” The company is also the proud distributor for Elastochem Specialty Chemicals Inc., the Canadian-made spray foam insulation manufacturer. “Elastochem makes the latest, greatest and greenest of all spray foams on the market,” says Correa. “The product offers the best R-value and lowest permeability of any product available. We love working with it, and it’s great for so many applications.”

The commitment Magnus Construction made to become the best in their field has paid off. The company is now the number one spray foam insulation company in the Saskatoon area, working on projects big and small, with the trust of major general contractors. Magnus Construction has provided spray foam services to the new Saskatoon City Police headquarters, the River Landing projects, and the new Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford—not to mention countless schools, hospitals and more, all over the province.

The company can also handle projects on a smaller scale and is happy to do so. Whether you need to improve insulation in your existing home, build a new home or multifamily project, or insulate your farm workshop or Quonset, Magnus can tackle the job. Their skills and expertise translate to jobs of all sizes. “We even work on trucks, vans, roof HVAC units, water tanks, containers and storage bins,” says Correa.

Offering competitive prices on the best products on the market, Magnus Construction can keep you and your home, business or farm warm in the winter and cool in the summer for years to come. Learn more at or call 306.880.2878 for a consultation.

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