Prairie value: How Economic Development Regina supports regional growth

Titan Clean Energy with EDR

Chris Lane, the CEO of Economic Development Regina (EDR) and his team believe in working together for a stronger economy. EDR has teamed up with other organizations and companies, recognizing that Regina is more than just a city—it’s a hub of various industries and endless possibilities. 

“One of the many things that makes Regina unique is that we’re more than just a city,” says Lane. “Because of the economic sectors found here, we’re not just in the business of looking out for Regina alone. This is a region that offers tremendous opportunities that can be realized when we work together.”

Small town, big dreams
Economic development for is a big endeavour for communities big and small. In Regina, it’s EDR: an entire organization with a team of experts focused on growing the city’s economic footprint by attracting businesses, people and investment. For the town of Moosomin, it’s just one person.

How can a town like Moosomin compete with a city like Regina in the economic development game? The answer: you don’t. Instead, you work together and focus on how both communities can win.

Casey McCormac is the lone economic development officer at Moosomin Economic Development and she’s in charge of finding and cultivating opportunities for her town. It’s a big job, and she’s ready for the challenge. And best of all, she’s not going it alone.

“A local entrepreneur suggested that we reach out to Economic Development Regina to see how we could work together,” says McCormac. “He knows Chris Lane, their CEO, and we started a working relationship between our organizations this spring.”

McCormac spent several days at EDR’s office in Reginaattending meetings, learning about the development of Regina’s Place Brand and more. “It was great seeing how economic development works at such a large scale, and how we can take ideas and scale them down for our smaller community,” says McCormac.

EDR is also working with companies outside the city to help foster regional growth. This year, the organization met with Craik’s Titan Clean Energy Projects on how the company could attract investment to their growing wood recycling, charcoal activation and bioplastics firm.

“Titan was pleased to host Economic Development Regina for site a tour of our biomass energy and carbon sequestration facility this summer,” says Jamie Bakos, CEO at Titan. “The group has an amazing mandate to address the circular economy and clean technology.  They have introduced us to other keen stakeholders in our space and we look forward to several future collaborations in the city of Regina.”

All in this together
Lane also points to agtech as a prime example of regional economic development. While agtech companies are housed within Regina, the products and services they offer are for markets outside city limits.

“Agtech companies need farms and farmers to do business, and just outside our city are both—and the smaller communities where they live and work,” says Lane. “Working together from a regional perspective just makes sense.”

When EDR attracts investment into sectors like agtech, those benefits don’t stay in the city. The economic activity is generated in many places, including towns like Moosomin.

“When we work together, we all win. It’s that simple.”