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Albert Derocher, NewNation COO
Albert Derocher, NewNation COO

Bringing Business and First Nations Together

Economic prosperity. It is something we all want to have—for ourselves, for our communities and for our country. With prosperity comes wealth, and with wealth comes choices. With wealth, we have the power to improve our quality of life, and better the lives of those around us. Growing prosperity and wealth is not easy, and it has never been equal for everyone. There is a company looking to move the needle on sustainable economic prosperity for people that have been left behind but have much to offer their community, their province, and the country.

Meet NewNation Developments Ltd.

NewNation sees the immense opportunity that Indigenous people and First Nations have. While Indigenous economic development is not a new idea, it is certainly nowhere near where it could be. NewNation wants to change that. Established as a consulting firm that brings First Nations into the marketplace and leads the private sector to untapped opportunities within Indigenous communities, the sky is literally the limit for NewNation and their clients.

Wilfred Jimmy, NewNation CEO

Wilfred Jimmy, NewNation CEO

“We are here to build sustainable, long-term partnerships between First Nations and corporate Canada,” says Wilfred Jimmy, NewNation CEO. “We see what First Nations can offer the business community, and how we can bring the business community to First Nations.” Jimmy knows of what he speaks. A 30-year veteran of the financial industry with many years in providing services to and for Indigenous communities, he sees the potential for economic success in every First Nation.

Moving Forward

“The first step is understanding the community, what it offers, and what it needs,” says Jimmy. “We take a holistic look at the community, what their capacity is, what they require, and what they need to do to move forward.” Their consulting services can do everything from community engagement to setting up economic development corporations, to conducting due diligence on possible ventures. Whatever a community needs to grow their prosperity, NewNation can help.

On the flip side, NewNation can also bring corporate Canada to First Nations. “Our First Nation communities are filled with untapped resources. Whether it is a ready and willing workforce, access to resources, land development or investment opportunities, Indigenous people and their communities have a lot to offer,” says Jimmy. “NewNation is the bridge that brings corporate partners and First Nations together.”

Sample of Success 

NewNation points to their success developing an economic partnership between 306Industrial and Flying Dust First Nation to create 105 Construction, leading to work at Meadow Lake Tribal Council Industrial Investments (MLTCII) biomass energy project in northern Saskatchewan. “This project will not only generate energy, but it will also generate jobs and prosperity for the company owners and the community at large,” says Albert Derocher, chief operating officer at NewNation. “This is just one example of the work we do to make First Nations, their regions, and the province as a whole, thrive.” NewNation is also working on multiple projects including a 1 MW (megawatt) solar energy development in southern Saskatchewan, and a forestry venture in Prince Albert.

Ready to Help

Lucy Lax, NewNation Business Development Manager

Lucy Lax, NewNation Business Development Manager

“Working in the oil and gas industry in Indigenous relations for the past 12 years, I identified a serious gap in how these working partnerships and joint ventures were built for oil & gas companies and the First Nations communities and their land they wanted to work on. It lacked community engagement and economic development, the two important key performance indicators when doing better business than usual within our industry. NewNation is here to improve engagement and economic development for everyone,” says Lucy Lax, business development manager, NewNation.

Whether you are working to grow a First Nation’s wealth, a company looking to reach out to Indigenous communities, or an investor looking for your next opportunity, NewNation can help at any stage of the process. “The climate is ready for Indigenous people to participate in the economy in all sectors. NewNation is the vehicle to maximize the opportunity,” says Jimmy. “All it takes is a phone call to see what we can do for you.”

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