Northern roots: PBN Construction is growing community and opportunity

PBN Construction.

Founded in 2007, PBN Construction (formerly Pinehouse Business North) was created to provide economic opportunity and wealth creation for the Northern Village of Pinehouse, Sask. Starting as a labour service provider, the company has seen remarkable growth over the last 15 years. Today, PBN Construction is a construction contractor focused on civil earthworks, road maintenance and site services, able to tackle complex projects with the assets, people and management to get the job done efficiently and more importantly—safely. PBN was recently recognized with an award by the Heavy Construction Safety Association for safety excellence in 2021.

PBN Construction handles:
Heavy civil construction including switching stations, utility pads, road construction, subdivision development and installation of water control structures.
Road construction and maintenance including blading, spot repair, gravel hauling and placement and snow removal.
Site services and skilled labour support such as millwrights, welders, HD mechanics, technicians and operators.

PBN Construction.

With its head office centrally located in Saskatoon, PBN Construction is made up of committed team of management professionals across fields including science, engineering, construction, accounting, and project management. Plus, at the heart of the company lies its “boots on the ground” crews of tradespeople, operators, superintendents, labourers, and supervisors. The team of 150-strong delivers not only quality work, but also economic growth for the people of Pinehouse. “PBN Construction creates jobs and educational opportunities for our community,” says Walter Smith, environment, education and training manager for Kineepik Metis Local, a key partner for PBN. “Not only does PBN help people build careers, but it also gives back in many ways.”

Profit-sharing has helped create vital programs that connect the community to its culture, language and more. “We’re able to start addressing the traumas of the past, and create healing,” says Smith. “We believe the best social program we can offer is employment.” PBN Construction is a key part of that solution. Plus, its wealth creation also funds recreation, elder support, Muskwa Lake treatment camp and more. In 2020 alone, the company delivered $400,000 to the Pinehouse community.

A.J. Felix sits on PBN’s board of directors and has seen how the company has taken shape over the years. “The company started out as a ‘mom and pop shop’ with work doing things like painting handrails,” he says. “As PBN developed, the community and the company leadership began to see its potential.” He credits Pinehouse Mayor Mike Natomagan’s vision as a key part of the organization’s success. “Mike saw what PBN could do as a company for the community,” says Felix. “His leadership has driven PBN to what it is today.”

Natomagan understands what PBN has done for his community and sees it every day. “PBN is a unique business in the way that it supports the community, not only with employment and training opportunities but with direct financial benefits. Millions have been given back to the community in the form of dividends. These funds go to support sports, recreation, housing, culture, and celebrating our indigenous identity. Seeing the results of what this business has done for the community fills me with a sense of pride,” he says.

PBN Construction not only serves the construction industry, but it also helps build people and community with every project. It’s a testament to what working together can do.

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