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COR Certification
COR Certification

North Ridge Development Corporation recognized the need for a comprehensive safety program 15 years ago. “Our owner saw how a friend’s company was impacted by the workplace death of an employee, and realized quickly that North Ridge needed to step up its safety program,” says Errol Fisher, Vice-President, Operations at North Ridge. “We engaged with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) to start the process of developing our program with the end result to achieve COR® Certification.”

The company set to work on becoming Certificate of Recognition (COR®) Certified, a process that took five years to complete. However, North Ridge saw benefits from their safety commitment from the very start. “For us, safety was part of professionalism for the entire organization,” says Fisher. “Our approach to safety spread quickly through the company and to our trades.” Tradespeople work for many different construction firms, and word about North Ridge’s philosophy on health and safety made its way onto other job sites. “We’d like to think we were part of the peer pressure that drove other companies to care about safety, also,” says Fisher.

North Ridge became an active member of the SCSA, with employees serving on various boards and committees across the province. The company’s initiatives and actions on safety in the workplace led them to industry recognition in 2017. North Ridge was awarded the SCSA Corporate Leadership in Safety Award, and the Safety Practitioner Award for their employee, Jason McLeod. The accolades are much appreciated by the company. “And, we are a proud to be a safety promoter in Saskatchewan,” says Fisher.

Today, the North Ridge philosophy on safety is simple yet meaningful. The company is committed to a safe workplace for every person who works for North Ridge, or works with them. And, North Ridge also innovates to better address safety on their jobsites. “To keep our workers safe when working on two, three and four stories off the ground on decks, we figured out a way to tie them off using an eyebolt that can sustain weight if a fall occurs,” says Fisher. “It’s efficient, safe and now, many other builders are using the same method.”

North Ridge credits its long time relationship with the SCSA to their success with their safety program. It’s been a good partnership on both sides. “The SCSA supported us in moving forward 15 years ago, and still does today,” says Fisher. “Our goal, like theirs, is Mission Zero. No injuries, no deaths. Zero means zero for us.”

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