More than just waste: Biomed Recovery & Disposal is a family business

For nearly 30 years, Saskatchewan’s own Biomed Recovery & Disposal Ltd. has been a leader in the biohazardous waste industry. Biomed collects and processes all kinds of biohazardous wastes, such as used needles, anatomical and cytotoxic waste, and expired drugs. They provide efficient, cost-effective biohazardous waste recovery and disposal, serving health care facilities, medical clinics, pharmacies and more across the province.

The company has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings in 1994. Biomed began in Aberdeen, Sask. and has expanded several times over the years. Today, the company has offices in Saskatoon and Aberdeen as well as a Regina warehouse—and its original processing facility in Aberdeen is still going strong. Biomed also works with local manufacturers to make their products right here in the province—all part of their commitment to the communities they serve.

Innovation is a major part of the work Biomed does in the biohazardous waste industry. They have been advancing safe and effective waste disposal for years, by designing new and more efficient, effective methods of safe waste disposal as well as designing better biohazardous waste containers. “We are always working to do better,” says Cam Willett, Biomed’s general manager. “We’re committed to our work and providing the best waste disposal products and services available.”

Plus, Biomed is a proud local employer with a growing team that loves the work they do and the place they call home. Tezwinder Tezy joined the company just over a year ago and has nothing but great things to say about Biomed and his work. Tezy is a driver, picking up waste for disposal from health care facilities, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices throughout Saskatchewan. “I travel across the province for my work, and I love it,” he says. “I get to know our customers and meet new people all the time.” Tezy was introduced to Biomed through friends that already work there, and he’s happy he joined the team. He spent time in Toronto before making the move to Saskatoon and then onto Aberdeen when he became part of the Biomed family. “Besides the work, I really enjoy being part of the team. There are so many people from different backgrounds, and it’s been great getting to know them. It’s more than a job. For me it’s about being part of a welcoming, diverse community.”

“As a company we feel tremendous pride in our Saskatchewan roots and in being a part of the local community as they support us, and we support them. We’re proud to provide the best service possible to the province of Saskatchewan at the lowest possible price,” says Biomed’s general manager Cam Willett.

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