More Than Just the Phone Book Company—Your Local Advocate

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For over 100 years, Directwest has been producing the book that arrives with a resounding thump on the door step. The ubiquitous phonebook has served people and businesses well since its humble beginnings. Within it, we found invaluable information like the number of a plumber on the Sunday night of a long weekend and pages of tempting takeout menus—and perhaps we killed the occasional spider with the book’s mighty weight. Alas, the Internet arrived, and much of the information we seek is now easily accessible on a much smaller, lighter device we all carry around in our pockets. However, that doesn’t mean Directwest just folded up its tent and went home. Not even close.

The Directwest team is here to help. Photo by Shane Luhning.


Not only does Directwest still produce the still-relevant phonebook, they pioneered the digital directory in Saskatchewan by taking the phonebook online with and developing the Mysask411 mobile app to help people find what their looking for in new ways. Since then, they also have taken their decades of experience in marketing and information management and marched head-on into the digital advertising world. “We’re not your grandfather’s phone book company,” says Andrew Clarke, Vice-President of Brand, Digital Platforms, and Technology. “We’re a digital marketing services company for small and medium-sized businesses across the province.”

“Online presence is a must, but there’s no time for that when you’ve got Regina to feed. Directwest takes care of our website and ongoing content for Facebook and Twitter so we’re well represented online, and I can focus on my business.”—Spiro, Western Pizza

The company has transformed its products and services to meet the demands of their customers, who seek advice about how best to reach customers in the digital age. “We build websites, manage social media, handle search engine optimization and so much more,” says Nicole Westerlund, Marketing Manager, Brand. “Today’s Directwest can help with the marketing needs of any Saskatchewan business.” Because of the company’s deep roots in the province and their decades in business, they have unique and valuable insight into marketing to Saskatchewan’s consumers.

Today, Directwest works with Saskatchewan businesses to create marketing and digital solutions that are tailor-made for their needs. It starts with the core principle behind Directwest—data. “We’re about proven results for our customers using facts and data. Organized, accessible and accurate data is what the phonebook is all about and we evolved this skill to now include digital technologies. Return on our customers’ investment is what drives us, and what we offer our customers,” says Clarke. “Because of this data analysis, we can create customized marketing plans for our customers, highly relevant to their target market.” Each Directwest customer has access to their own locally-based Media Advisor, that will work within their budget to find the combination of marketing services they need to succeed. “We can scale our solutions to your business needs, we’re here to help local SMBs compete as the globalization of the economy continues—ultimately this drives our local economy—and we’re really proud of that.” says Westerlund.

“Directwest has helped us attract new customers through our website and engage with a bigger audience on social media. We now have a voice, and it’s great that people are listening.”—Wendy, Campbell & Halliburton

Let Directwest do what they do best for your business. There is more than one hundred years of Saskatchewan-based experience ready to help you where you need it most. They can’t wait to work with you. Learn more at