Linking up: FlexNetworks brings quality high-speed internet to Saskatchewan

Access to fast, reliable internet is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Long gone are the days of dial-up to send the occasional email to friends faraway. Today, internet is an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s for work, school or just for fun, internet powers much of the world we live in. However, not all of us have access to internet that is reliable or fast enough to do everything we need.

Enter FlexNetworks

While urban areas of Saskatchewan have enjoyed high-speed internet for years, there are still many communities that lack the speed and reliability needed for today’s world. FlexNetworks arrived in Saskatchewan over five years ago expanding its interprovincial wholly-owned fibre-optic network through the province to assist communities and enterprises that need better internet access. FlexNetworks also owns and manages fibre-optic networks in Manitoba and Ontario and has brought its extensive expertise to Saskatchewan as part of providing alternative competitive options to the province. “We acquired Redbird Communications to build our presence in Saskatchewan,” says John Macdonald, FlexNetworks’ CEO. “We’re here to provide the fibre-optic network for underserved communities that need to get quality broadband internet.”

Working together

Getting fibre-based broadband services is easier than you might think. “We collaborate with communities that need improved access,” says Macdonald. “Communities can reach out to us, or we identify the places that might need better service.” Once a community is on board, FlexNetworks establishes the cost of service to join the network with interested customers and puts in the fibre. “Communities have been great partners with us. We’ve often had interested customers see us putting in the fibre and ask the operators how they can join,” says Macdonald. “By working together, we create a network that serves the community the best way possible.”

2021 saw 12 communities join FlexNetworks, and 11 have joined so far this year. Through 2022 FlexNetworks continues to expand its footprint across the rural regions that will see them pass 100+ communities, having the ability to provide 1 Gbps, and beyond, access to home and commercial enterprises in those communities. “We will have installed over 1500 kilometres of fibre-optic cable in Saskatchewan alone by the end of 2022,” says Macdonald.

Connect your company or your building

Beyond residential internet service, FlexNetworks also offers enterprise internet solutions for companies that need cost-effective, abundant internet. The company also offers fibre for business in 10 cities across Saskatchewan, with service that ranges from 1 Gbps to wavelengths of light. “We can even provide dark fibre that can be used anyway you want,” says Macdonald. “It’s upgradable, untappable and secure.”

FlexNetworks can also add fibre to multi-unit residential buildings for both landlords and condo boards. “Internet via our network into residential buildings can be a great way to provide cost-effective internet to tenants or residents,” he says. The company also works with First Nations looking to increase access or better their service for residents and businesses on reserves.

Service you can trust

Whatever service you’re looking for—residential, business or enterprise—FlexNetworks is committed to providing the best internet access possible. “We’re responsive and flexible with our customers, who are always our number one priority,” says Macdonald. “We know the value that reliable, fast internet provides, and we want everyone who needs the internet to have access.”

To learn more about FlexNetworks, visit or call 1.800.724.8353.

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