Leading the way together: THOAR and Hughes Recruitment partner for success

Pictured left to right is Chantelle Fausak, Operations Manager (THOAR), Ryan Flodell, Owner & Advisor (THOAR), Rosalie Hughes, Founder & CEO (Hughes Recruitment), Alex Fleischhacker, Principal Strategy Consultant (Hughes Recruitment), Erin Crossland, Principal Recruitment Consultant (Hughes Recruitment)

Saskatchewan is a unique place, and it offers the world much of what it needs. We have all heard the expression food, fuel and fertilizer, and Saskatoon’s THOAR understands that as they have a unique ability to handle the full execution of projects including equipment, materials, and supply by finding the gaps, digging into the problems, and creating efficiencies. THOAR is a proud partner to the province’s mining and heavy industrial sectors, providing project and people management services to the industries that drive our province’s economy. “The province of Saskatchewan is seen as a small community. You get to know so many strong leaders within the community and we leverage that to build success in the mining and industrial sectors. It’s THOAR’s goal to keep the mining and heavy industrial industries sustainable for generations to come,” says Ryan Flodell, owner and advisor.

Hughes Recruitment is a Saskatchewan-based recruitment and talent management firm that has redefined recruitment. The Hughes team builds deep relationships with their clients and offers strategic advice and expertise, well beyond the traditional search and placement relationship. “What sets Hughes apart from other firms is that we get to know our clients and their businesses in-depth, through spending time in their businesses to get to know their people, understand their vision, goals, and challenges and tailor our talent strategies to their unique business needs. We will always do the right thing for our clients as we strive to build relationships of permanence, and partner with our clients as an extension of their team, rather than work simply as an external vendor,” says Rosalie Hughes, founder and CEO at Hughes Recruitment.

THOAR and Hughes recognized their mutual strengths and came together for joint pursuits beginning in 2021 to do what they do best through a strategic collaboration to best serve their clients.

Hughes Recruitment’s core business focuses on professional search and placement, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and HR consulting. Our strategic relationship with THOAR has provided us with the ability to serve our clients in a whole new way, and staff up projects with contract resources utilizing our combined strengths, networks, and teams. Together with THOAR, we have efficiently resourced our clients’ projects with contract operators, tradespeople, industrial site professionals, and leaders in record time, while exceeding standards of excellence in safety, quality of work, and diversity & inclusion.

Our clients appreciate that we started on their side of the table and bring a professional approach and in-depth understanding of their project needs. What we enjoy most about the relationship with Ryan and the THOAR team is our extreme alignment on values and integrity as we deliver project success to our clients. – Hughes Recruitment

Rising up

Together, THOAR and Hughes are rising to the challenge of supporting the industries that power Saskatchewan. The two companies have aligned themselves strategically to be able to best serve their clients’ unique project needs efficiently. Hughes brings creative, timely, and responsive best-in-industry recruitment and talent management solutions to efficiently staff their joint projects with a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. THOAR brings the mining and heavy industry expertise and connections, site access, equipment, and project management expertise to ensure excellence in safety and quality in their joint project execution. “Our strategic collaboration with THOAR allows us to execute a wide range of project services efficiently and effectively for our clients by leveraging our individual talents and strengths in a collective and mutually beneficial way,” says Rosalie Hughes.

We wanted to work with somebody who we can trust and share strong values and a growth mindset with, and we found this immediately in our relationship with the Hughes team. We complement each other with the services we uniquely provide to the mining and heavy industrial sectors. For us, it is all about the people. With Hughes’s access to professionals and trades, there is no better way to have a sustainable project collaboration. People are the hardest to find, and they are the most valuable piece of the puzzle. – THOAR

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