Investing with the future in focus: Addenda Capital sees the bigger picture

Investors, both individual and institutional, are thinking about more than just money when deciding where and how they want to participate in the market. Where once the bottom line was the only factor in decision making, that is often no longer the case. Surveys show that people have grown increasingly considerate and careful about where their money goes and what it’s doing. Addenda Capital understands the need for forward thinking when it comes to investing, and their long-term, innovative strategy adds both value and integrity to your portfolio.

Say hello to a name you know

Addenda Capital is a privately-owned investment firm that manages pension, private wealth, insurance, corporate and foundation assets. The company also has deep, cooperative roots in Saskatchewan thanks to a merger with a well-known prairie brand. In 2008, Addenda merged with Co-operators Investment Counselling Limited, the investment arm of Co-operators, which was founded in Regina in 1945. Today, Addenda Capital is one of Canada’s largest multi-asset investment firms, with over $40 billion under management and an office on Regina’s Scarth Street.

The Addenda advantage

Roger Beauchemin, Addenda Capital.

“Our investment strategy considers more than just financial analysis,” says Roger J. Beauchemin, Addenda Capital’s president and CEO. “We broadened our strategy to include environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues in 2012. ESG analysis is now fully integrated into our investment decisions.” The change in scope casts a wider net for factors that can impact returns, and at the same time helps create positive change for society.
“For example, we know that climate change is increasing financial risks overall in a diverse range of industries” says Beauchemin. “By making strategic investments that are taking that risk into consideration, and investments into places trying to address the issue, we’re mitigating risks and making positive change at the same time. However, knowing where to invest requires increasingly robust disclosure on climate-related issues, and Addenda is among a number of investment firms asking for data to be more comprehensive in this regard.”

The proof

The obvious question now is: how as the Addenda Capital strategy worked for its investors? The answer is simple: great. “We believe our investment strategy leads to enhanced performance,” says Beauchemin. “Not only are we seeing compelling rates of return, but we’re also contributing to investments that have significant social and environmental impacts.” The company sees both financial and non-financial rewards that do well for the investor, the country, and the planet. In short, it’s about more than just money.

Beyond money

Addenda Capital is also investing where they can make a tangible difference in communities across Canada. Through its impact investing strategy, the company focuses on themes such as climate change, education and health care. That sort of commitment is behind the decision to add Indigenous economic opportunities to its focus areas as a way to support long-term social and economic prosperity. “Dollars have actions,” says Beauchemin. “We want your dollars to do more for you and for generations to come.”

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