Humboldt Electric: Safety is at their Core

Saskatoon’s Humboldt Electric Ltd. has been serving Saskatchewan for more than 50 years, and the family-run business is still going strong. Their success is due in part to their commitment to the people at the core of their operation—their employees. “Our team is our most important resource,” says Ashley McConnell-Quesnel, human resources manager and partner at Humboldt Electric. “And, because of this, safety is also our number one priority.”

Humboldt Electric’s dedication to safety dates back decades, and they formalized their safety program with COR® certification twenty years ago. “Back then, COR® certification was the first of its kind in the Saskatchewan construction industry,” explains McConnell-Quesnel. “Before COR®, we didn’t have formalized metrics to evaluate our safety program or guidance on how to improve.” Shortly after Humboldt Electric achieved their certification, the program became the industry standard, and they have never looked back—only forward and always with safety in mind.

Since then, the company has used COR® to see the minimum standards and then push past them. “COR® is an ever-improving tool,” says McConnell-Quesnel. “We renew every year, and the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association is always there as a valuable resource to continuously improve.” Humboldt Electric uses the annual audits as a way to strive for more, and to recognize and celebrate success. “Our safety record is a team effort, and COR® helps us give credit where it’s due,” she says. “Our ‘safety first’ culture is meaningful to everyone, and it’s also good for productivity. Having employees proud to work for you has a fantastic return on investment.”

Finally, Humboldt Electric values the relationship it has built with the SCSA. The SCSA’s abundance of safety resources has helped the company grow and maintain its safety culture. “The demonstrations, quarterly safety meetings and courses have been invaluable,” says McConnell-Quesnel. “The SCSA allows us to stay current with industry trends, network and collaborate with our peers. They’re always there when we need them, and we appreciate it.”

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