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We have all seen the movie where the hacker breaks into the computer to wreak havoc. It seems faraway and just something from a script. But it’s not. Cyber criminals are very, very real and they are working all over the world to get access to our company and personal information for profit. The news has many stories of companies burned by cyber criminals—and several have occurred close to home. Even if you’re a small business, you’re not immune. If you have something criminals want, you’re a target.

Head in the sand

Kevin Aebig, CEO at Saskatoon’s Optek Solutions says that simply pretending the problem doesn’t exist is not an option anymore. “Doing what you have always done isn’t going to protect your company and your assets,” he says. “There are always new threats, and there are always new technologies to mitigate them. We know it can be overwhelming, especially when you’re not an IT expert.”

Face the music

The time to deal with cyber security is now. When you take the time to assess, you can see where you need help and set up the solutions that protect your organization. “A partner with cyber security experience and expertise is the first step,” says Aebig. “We can find where you are vulnerable and find ways to mitigate your risk.”

Build your fortress

Locking the door with technology is one solution, and teaching people how to use the door is the other. He says training is key. “The biggest issue isn’t technology, it’s people. We’re all busy with our work, which makes it easy for criminals to get access. When your team is doing their day-to-day, it’s easy to miss something in a suspicious email.”

However, with the right training and tools, even if a mistake happens—you minimize the damage. “If you work with the right people, train your team well and implement the right cyber security, 99 per cent of the time, you should be fine,” says Aebig. “And if disaster strikes in that one percent of the time, you’re ready and the damage can be far, far less than if you weren’t prepared at all.”

Get the help you need

“It’s important to connect with a knowledgeable and trusted partner to analyze your potential gaps in security and make sure you have the right solutions in place before an incident occurs,” says Aebig.

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