Going the extra mile

hbi office plus has the supplies and service you need when you need it

Local business. It’s a term we have heard a lot about in the last two years, and there’s a good reason for it. Local businesses provide more than just products and services. They drive our communities and our province with everything from jobs to charitable donations. HBI Office Plus is one of those local businesses that knows the value of local and lives that commitment every day. With locations across Saskatchewan, HBI Office Plus is a valuable resource for everything from paper clips to modular walls and everything in between.

One million people, one million miles
“We often say we serve one million people over one million square miles,” says Jay Sullivan, president and CEO at HBI. “We’re doing 200 to 250 deliveries a day on Saskatchewan’s roads. We know this province. The big national and multinational suppliers just can’t say that.” The company has proudly served Saskatchewan for 53 years and established itself as the best source for office supplies and furniture. 

Service that makes a difference
Priding itself on its exceptional customer service, HBI sees their job as helping you do your job. Finding what you need is easy in their showrooms or online, and every order is checked to ensure you’re getting what you want. Online orders are double-checked and if there’s something that HBI thinks might work better, they pick up the phone to ask. “We’re here to give you what you need to keep your organization running well,” says Damon Leonard, vice president of sales at HBI. “We get to know our customers and their businesses to make sure you’re getting the best products and services for your organization.”

HBI is part of Office Plus, Canada’s largest independent stationery buying group, which combines the buying power of local retailers to ensure you’re getting competitive prices on all your office supply needs.

Partner from the ground up
Beyond the office supplies, HBI Office Plus is also Saskatchewan’s exclusive dealer for Haworth office furniture and architectural interiors. This premier brand provides innovative, quality solutions for organizations of all sizes, and HBI works with customers to create the Haworth office that works best. In 2020, HBI was named a best-in-class Haworth dealer across North America. 

HBI knows that buying office furniture is more complex than many people expect, recognizing the specific needs of sectors like health care and education. “We know that seating for a hospital is different that seating for a school, and both are very different from what’s needed in a corporate office environment,” says Leonard. 

“We work with architects, interior designers and procurement professionals to ensure you’re getting the office furniture that will work in your space,” says Sullivan. “Our goal is to provide quality furnishings that work plus the after-sale support you might require.”

Get to know the professionals you need
With five locations across Saskatchewan and online shopping, HBI has what you need when you need it, and the advice and service to go along with it. “Whether you need basic office supplies or total office refurbishment, we’re ready to work with you,” says Sullivan. “We’re a phone call, email or in-person meeting away. Just connect with us, and we’ll take it from there.

Learn more at hbiop.com or call 1.800.667.3680.