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OBASA Suites is an Experience Like No Other

Signature bedding and in-suite washer and dryers are among the many comforts of home OBASA Suites promises its guests.

Business travel. As anyone who does it with any frequency can tell you, it’s not nearly as glamourous as television and film make it out to be. It’s not jet setting with the beautiful people. It’s long days of work followed by long nights in cookie cutter hotel rooms, yearning for the creature comforts of home. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a company out there determined to make your business travel a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

Say Hello to OBASA Suites

OBASA Suites got its start in Saskatchewan, and the company has spent the last 30 years perfecting the art of short and long-term accommodations. This premium brand offers pristine, beautiful apartments, condos and even houses designed to feel like home and not like yet another hotel. “We’re committed to providing the highest standards in service and accommodations to every one of our guests,” says Gordon Doell, Chief Executive Office and Founder. “The growth of private home and vacation rentals in recent years has only strengthened our dedication to be the best on the market.” Today, the OBASA Suites experience is available not only in Saskatchewan, but across the country and around the world through its sister company MyKey Global Accommodations.

What to Expect

Style, comfort and cleanliness are priorities at every OBASA Suites offering.

In a word: home. Instead of staying in a 300-square-foot room that looks like every other room, an OBASA Suites furnished suite is a spacious, inviting space ranging from 675 to 1,200 square feet, depending what you choose. You’ll find modern décor, a ready to use kitchen, comfortable living room with entertainment system, airy bedrooms with signature bedding, in-suite laundry—and a professional property management team who is dedicated to your stay. You can make a meal instead of facing yet another burger and fries, relax on a comfy sofa and catch up on the news of the day or your favourite show, and tuck yourself into a bed that can get you the sleep you need when on the road. And, every OBASA Suites accommodation is both exceptionally clean and green. “The proliferation of private homes and vacation rentals offers people an unprecedented amount of choice but many private owners do not have the exacting standards for cleanliness of OBASA Suites,” says Doell. “We make sure our partners do meet our standards for cleanliness. What’s more, we combine those exacting standards with our commitment to green living spaces with the motto, ‘clean, seen and green’.” No matter where you are in the world, you can take the OBASA Suites experience with you.

Experience OBASA and MyKey Today

So, how do you change up your business travel, or the travel for your company? OBASA Suites is ready when you are. Get started with a visit to You can enter to win a complimentary stay, schedule a meeting to discuss your accommodation needs, and even request a tour of a managed property in Regina or Saskatoon.

“We’re proud of our accommodations and what we have built over the last 30 years, and we want people to give us a try,” says Doell. “We’re so grateful for the loyalty our clients have. Once people stay with us for a one weekend, one week or one month, they almost always come back because they see the value we offer. It’s the OBASA way.”

Does your organization book a lot of travel?

OBASA Suites offers a program for bulk and recurring corporate travel. “Our Smart CAP program is our valuable, innovative incentive offering for corporate and government travel,” says Doell.

Does your organization handle relocations and temporary housing?

OBASA Suites can also manage relocations and long-term stays. “We can fulfill our clients’ needs even if it’s outside our featured inventory. We will always find a solution for our long-term and business clients looking for accommodations such as a three-bedroom home in a preferred neighbourhood or a pet friendly home with attached garage,” says Doell.

Do you own a property you would like to rent?

If you own a rental or vacation property that would be suitable for accommodations, OBASA can also help you become a supplier partner. “We can help property owners maximize their investment through our sister company, MyKey,” says Doell.