Energy’s Best Kept Secret

DEEP Energy Corp Drilling

RESPEC Leads the Way in the West

Energy. Whether its oil and gas, geothermal, wind, solar, nuclear or hydrogen, energy keeps the world moving literally and figuratively. Saskatchewan’s energy sector plays a major role in the provincial and national economy. We are also home to ground-breaking projects that are disrupting how we harness and deliver energy to homes, communities, businesses, and industries. And, in the thick of it is Saskatoon’s RESPEC Consulting Inc.

Standing: Jay Nopola, RESPEC VP of Mining. Seated: Sam Voegeli.


Hydrogen is seeing a lot of buzz these days as one of the ways that the energy industry can decarbonize, and it is one of the many places RESPEC is offering its expertise.

RESPEC is working with Magnum Development and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems at the Western Energy Hub, developing 1000 MW of clean energy storage in Utah. It is a project that holds great promise not just for Utah, but for applications in Western Canada, too. “While hydrogen energy’s commercialization is in its infancy, the Western Energy Hub shows the most potential the soonest,” says Sam Voegeli, energy storage consultant at RESPEC. “RESPEC has been deeply involved with the project, and our expertise lends itself well to opportunities in Canada.” In fact, RESPEC is working on two smaller-scale hydrogen energy projects in Western Canada now.

“Hydrogen energy is growing rapidly because of its ability to reduce carbon footprints. The logical first step is blending hydrogen into natural gas. That technology is perfect for natural gas plants and home heating,” says Voegeli. “If you are looking at hydrogen as an opportunity, we can help. Hydrogen offers some unique opportunities for the oil and gas sector and its existing infrastructure.”

Closer to Home

Matthew Minnick, RESPEC

In southeast Saskatchewan, RESPEC is also on the forefront of another energy source—geothermal energy. It has been around for quite some time, but not like this. A project headed by Deep Earth Energy Corporation (DEEP) is establishing the first geothermal power facility in Canada. RESPEC’s Matthew Minnick, Ph.D. is the chief reservoir engineer on the remarkable project and RESPEC has been involved for ten years. “We have been working with DEEP since 2010, with everything from characterizing the geothermal resource, drilling the first well, to modeling the well field,” says Minnick, Geothermal Program Manager. “This project offers something valuable during this time of energy transition using the knowledge from the oil and gas sector and sedimentary heat to generate clean energy. There is so much potential for more projects like it.”

RESPEC is working on three of the six major geothermal projects in Canada, assisting in everything from feasibility to mapping, interpreting data to project management. “We’re leading reservoir engineering at the Clarke Lake Geothermal Project at Fort Nelson, B.C., and conducting explorations in Nunavut,” says Minnick. “Our geothermal expertise can guide geothermal projects from early-stage ideas and desktop studies through development.”

Getting Started

If you are in the energy sector or thinking about investing in energy, RESPEC can help no matter the stage whether it is assessing a vision or implementing a project. “The energy industry is in a unique place now with the interest in renewables and the energy transition,” says Voegeli. “If you’re interested in examining your options or an idea, just pick up the phone and give us a call.” Minnick agrees. “Our broad knowledge in the sector is made for Canadian energy projects, whether in Saskatchewan or across the country. Whether you are already involved in a project or looking to start or invest in one, we can help with all facets of a project.”

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Local Experts on the Team

RESPEC’s Saskatoon office got its start as North Rim Exploration Ltd. nearly 40 years ago. Five years ago, that expertise and experience in mining, drilling, resource mapping and much more caught the eye of RESPEC LLC, who welcomed the North Rim team into their successful fold. Still based in Saskatoon with an abundance of knowledge and experience in Western Canada’s energy and mining sectors, RESPEC is on the cutting-edge, helping bring projects to life both here in Saskatchewan, across North America and globally.

“RESPEC really is the local boots on the ground, delivering expert services to the projects that need our skill set,” says Tabetha Stirrett, P. Geo., and co-president, Canada at RESPEC. “Not only do we understand the market here, we’re also more than consultants. We’re part of your team from the very beginning to the end of a project and beyond.”



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