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The energy transition. It’s here, it’s disrupting energy in ways we have never seen before, and it’s placing Saskatchewan in a unique position to harness the groundbreaking opportunities it offers. RESPEC Consulting Inc., with its locations in Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton (plus 25 offices in 14 U.S. states) is the firm that can help your organization get ahead in the new energy future.

A great place to start

Did you know our prairie geography and geologic formations can be leveraged for a variety of purposes in carbon-emitting industries? The land from Saskatoon southward (and next door in Edmonton, southward hugging the Alberta-Saskatchewan border) offer great opportunities for carbon capture and sequestration.

“The potash industry has provided much of the knowledge we need when it comes to underground storage and disposal,” says Sam Voegeli, RESPEC energy storage consultant. “Saskatchewan and Alberta geology lends itself well to carbon sequestration. Plus, the region’s existing oil and gas infrastructure and expertise can easily be transitioned into sustainable options.” RESPEC offers the expertise to help devise and implement the carbon-related
projects required to address carbon footprint reductions, as they are involved with virtually every carbon capture and sequestration project in Western Canada.

Doing the right thing

The energy transition is also offering organizations the opportunity to address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals that are becoming more and more important in today’s business environment. Even if you’re not directly involved in the energy industry, energy is still part of your business. “While you may not be producing energy in your work, you are using it,” says Tabetha Stirrett, co-president at RESPEC. “The transition to sustainable energy allows organizations to reduce their carbon footprint through a variety of innovative means.” RESPEC can help you optimize your resource and energy usage.

Leaning into the curve

Beyond carbon capture and footprint reductions, there are also major opportunities developing in new energy technologies. Geothermal energy is well underway in southeast Saskatchewan, and hydrogen energy is next. It’s bleeding-edge technology that is showing significant promise for the sustainable energy sector—if you know what you’re doing. RESPEC is working on the only active hydrogen storage project in Canada, and fielding frequent calls from interested companies and investors. “Hydrogen energy is not a new technology, but it still has its challenges and growing pains,” says Voegeli. “The possibilities are incredible but storage remains the number one issue to deal with.” As well, Saskatchewan and Alberta are unique because they have excellent geologic resources for hydrogen storage, which most other areas do not, according to Voegeli.

RESPEC’s learnings are informing the early adopters and creating the roadmap for others to follow. The company has a dedicated lab for assessing hydrogen storage in Rapid City, South Dakota and is at the forefront of the technology. “This is not widespread technology by any means,” says Voegeli. “Right now, it seems like everyone wants to be the first to be second. We’re not afraid to blaze the trail for everyone else.”

A partner from start to finish

Whether you’re in the energy sector, want to reduce your energy footprint or thinking about investing in sustainable energy, RESPEC can help. Their decades of experience and their comprehensive expertise understand the possibilities that sustainable energy offers. RESPEC is more than a consulting company—it’s a partner from exploration through to project completion. “We’re walking the talk when it comes to the energy transition,” says Tabetha Stirrett, P. Geo., and co-president, Canada at RESPEC. “If you have a project or even just an idea, we can help.”

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