Custom Agricultural Intelligence offers Customized Approach to Add Value

Every generation has its own unique set of challenges peculiar to different industries. In agriculture, there is a clarion call to crop growers to grow more food to feed the ever-growing human populace. To do this, crop growers have to rely on a finite source of minerals (compound fertilizers and micronutrients) to build bushels and get a respectable ROI. With depleting mineral resources, crop growers are now tasked to grow more from less. Weed resistance, pest and diseases also plague the agricultural industry.

What if a systematic scientific protocol could help crop growers combat these issues?

The above question led to the incorporation of Custom Agricultural Intelligence Inc. by Emmanuel and Bernice Richard with one simple goal: “Balance soil and crop nutrients to achieve soil health and crop health.

“Soil health and crop health are interwoven topics that can be influenced by our everyday Ag practices.” says Emmanuel, a biochemist and the president of Custom Ag Intel. Balance is key! The Custom Ag Intel approach aims to balance the soil’s biology (micro-organism) and soil’s chemistry (micronutrients). Both must be in synergy to attain soil health and crop health. If not, the law of diminishing return sets in.

Driven to be part of the solution to agricultural challenges, all formulations are formulated to be compatible with existing crop protection passes. Custom Ag Intel has something to compliment every pass a farmer undergoes: Be it nourishing the soil, restoring depleted nutrients or maintaining a constant level of metabolic activity within the plant that leads to a stronger, healthier crop.

In addition to their liquid micronutrient protocol manufacturing facility, Custom Ag Intel newly commissioned a first-of-its kind dry fertilizer pelletizing facility to manufacture their customized dry micronutrient formulations.

“We wanted to give crop growers the option to put down calculated amounts of micronutrients around the seed bed while steadily maintaining the soil’s micronutrient bank. This will reduce the number of products that are foliar applied in the cropping season. The convergence of innovation and technology has made this possible for us.” says Emmanuel.

In this facility, Custom Ag Intel chelates dry micronutrients and soil conditioners into homogenous prills that are easily absorbed by plants.

It is their hope that these prills begin the transformation of every soil into a lush, fertile environment where crops can thrive and develop disease resistance by virtue of being healthy.

To address every farm’s specific needs, farmers provide soil and tissue testing reports. Those results are used to make custom formulations that ensure each deficiency is addressed.

Nature will tell you what it wants. You don’t have to blindly apply a broad-spectrum product, when the crop might not need it,” says Bernice.

The company also began drone scouting last year to give better crop intelligence information to farmers. A team of specially trained drone experts scout each farm at specific interval throughout the growing season. A report is created for the farmer (or agronomist) pointing out trouble spots, and recommendations for the appropriate protocol.

“Drones are tools in the tool box to help farmers get access to actionable data to make more informed decision and be proactive in growing their crops,” says Emmanuel.

Custom Ag Intel is leading the advancement in customized prescription based liquid and dry protocol one farmer at a time—their way of adding value towards building bushels.