Business Profile: Superior Forklift Ltd.

Photo by Greg Huszar

From a sheer productivity and efficiency perspective, the forklift stands out as a truly remarkable invention. Created in 1917 by the Clark Company, the forklift (then called a truck-tractor) quickly drew much attention. Over the years, the design and variations have changed to meet the wide variety of business needs. In fact, the forklift changed the way warehouses were designed—with the ability to stack heavy loads higher and higher, business owners saved money building taller warehouses instead of ones with greater ground space. Today, the forklift is a standard machine in every warehouse. In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Superior Forklift Ltd. is one of the best names in the business.

Photo by Greg Huszar

Founded in 2001 by Brian Weisbrod, Larry Geni and Sid Hurrell, the company began its humble roots as a small shop in Regina providing equipment services. As any ambitious company does when presented with opportunity, Superior Forklift has expanded to meet the ever-changing needs of its clientele and the sectors they serve. Now, the company has three locations in Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg and has developed partnerships with many equipment suppliers and vendors.

Superior Forklift’s vision is to become the largest forklift company with the biggest market share in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Their motto is, “We are much more than forklifts—It’s amazing what you can do.” This applies to their unwavering dedication to customer service. Whether it is the sale of a new unit, the renting of a piece of equipment for a one-day job, or training a new operator, Superior Forklift strives to meet all their customers’ needs. Across all three locations, there are some 40 employees committed to this high standard of excellence.

After farming for 30 years, Brian Weisbrod, President of Superior Forklift, decided to pursue his passion for machinery. Brian is a Red Seal Millwright with over 30,000 hours in the millwright trade.  Along with his partners Larry Geni and Sid Hurrell, there is an extensive amount of experience and a passion for machining. With their insight in the industry, they knew the importance of the forklift and the role it would play in Saskatchewan as the province developed.

Superior Forklift is proud to be a locally owned and operated business. Their focus on customer service drives them to constantly look for the best products and services. Their most recent venture has resulted in a rewarding partnership with KIOTI Tractors. Their effective marketing strategy has done well to bring them exposure to their potential clients and partners. This became evident in 2012 when Load-Lifter Manufacturing Ltd. named them New Dealer of the Year.

The company offers products and services including forklifts (propane, diesel and electric), pallet jacks, ice resurfacers, scissor lifts and loading docks. Their primary markets include towns, villages, farms and acreages where small reliable equipment is needed to maintain property. There is almost no end to the type of equipment needed and Superior Forklift can provide it. There are many attachments available from snow blowers to mowers, plus tillers, backhoes, cultivators, rakes and blades.

Superior Forklift’s focus is set on providing quality products and responsive service to ensure their customer’s complete satisfaction. The company is set explanding their business and increasing market share by partnering with the best equipment suppliers and vendors. This strategy will ensure their ability to maintain a high level of customer service and business excellence for years to come.

Superior Forklift Ltd.
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847 – 60th Street East

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