Business Profile: Studio D Photography

Since 2008, Saskatoon’s Studio D has been capturing moments for the city’s business community. Owner Matt Ramage and studio manager Julie Isaac have honed their craft for nearly a decade, ensuring that each client gets their best work every time. Whether you need a professional headshot, photos at a corporate event, or the bird’s eye view taken high above, Studio D can get it done and supply breathtaking imagery for your business.

“We started out of my home in City Park almost ten years ago,” says Matt. “We grew quickly, and moved into our current 1400 square foot studio in Saskatoon’s first co-working space five years ago.” Today, Studio D provides professional commercial photography for businesses big and small, in their studio and on location. No matter if you need photos from an industrial work site, a professional event, an architectural shoot or something taken high in the sky, Studio D can do it all. “We’re a full service commercial photography firm, with abilities in all types of photos,” says Julie. “We’re not afraid to get dirty to get the perfect shot.”

These days, Studio D is wowing customers with their professional aerial photography and video expertise. Equipped with a high-resolution drone—not a flying Go Pro—Matt and Julie can capture amazing aerial images of construction sites, cityscapes, countryside or anything else a customer can think of. “Drone technology has taken commercial photography to an new level and makes it more affordable,” says Matt. “Drones are allowing us to take shots that we’d never be able to get before without massive costs.”

Whatever your photography needs, Matt and Julie are committed to their clients’ success. They see photography as an investment, and that investment should yield high returns. Studio D’s ability to think creatively for the clients makes their work stand out in the crowd. Let Matt and Julie take your business imagery to the next level. Visit them online at or in studio at 220 – 20th Street West.

Studio D
220 – 20th Street West