Business Profile: Big Bore Directional Drilling

In an oil and gas sector that has been challenged over the past few years, Big Bore Directional Drilling is a company that when faced with adversity is able to adapt and weather hard times.  Established in 2009 by founder Doug Fisher, the outfit had only one rig but a huge desire to grow. By building a reputation as a leading service provider, they did grow—quickly. They dig deeper bores and install longer pathways that are cost-effective, safe and environmental-focused, making Big Bore a true company of quality.

Big Bore’s core expertise lies in directional drilling, horizontal directional drilling, boring and trenchless installation with rock drilling expertise. As a way to ride out the downturn in oil prices and diversify their services, Big Bore expanded into a complementary sector and began offering work for fibre optic drilling services. “The main area of growth in the last year has been in the fibre optic industry. With the price of oil where it is, it really hasn’t resulted in the pipeline work that we would typically do so we branched off into the fibre optic world with smaller rigs doing installation and feeder work,” says Des Ross, Big Bore Operations Manager. This diversification has allowed Big Bore to stay competitive in a demanding sector and improved the service that it offers its customers.

With a major emphasis on safety, Big Bore maintains that an exceptional safety record is not going above the standard – it is the standard. On a recent Certificate of Recognition (COR®) audit done by the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association, the company received an impressive 95%. Big Bore attributes this success to the hard work and commitment that all their employees put into their safety program. The company takes safety seriously and continuously strives to create and maintain a culture of safety for their office staff, field crews and all worksite visitors.

Big Bore’s commitment to safety also supports the company’s corporate culture. When a company demonstrates its value for its employees, that value is returned many times over. “Our crews are among the very best in Western Canada,” says Ross. This shows the faith the company has in its people and the work ethic the employees show to Big Bore.

Another commitment worth highlighting is Big Bore’s concern for environmental practices. “We use environmentally friendly products wherever possible and we follow good environmental policies,” says Des Ross. Part of this process is maintaining clean work sites and fleet equipment. Concern for the environment is growing in the oil and gas sector, and Big Bore’s commitment is another example of how they stand out as a good corporate citizen and a good employer.

Whether it’s safety or the environment, Big Bore credits their success to effective hiring and training. “We put a lot into training our staff and we look for the best and the brightest. We want people that can think for themselves and know what they’re doing and innovate,” says Ross. This investment in their employees brings about great returns as the excellence is apparent in their work.

As the oil and gas sector improves and the economies of Saskatchewan and Alberta pick up, there will be a number of service companies ready to meet the challenge; Big Bore Directional Drilling is one of them.

Big Bore Directional Drilling
1A 5806 63rd Avenue
Lloydminster AB