Business Profile: Advanced Energy Inc.

Clean energy is a well-used term these days in Canada. Considering the historic advancements in energy production, clean is an adjective not often used to describe the energy that fuel our cars, our factories and our economy.  Until relatively recently, energy production was undertaken with little focus on the ecological impacts that it created. Public opinion and the environmental movement have changed this and as a result, cleaner methods are benefiting everyone.

Sources of renewable energy have been demonstrating themselves as viable ways for residential and commercial entities to leverage the many benefits that these new technologies have to offer. Advanced Energy Inc. is one such company. They have proven expertise in the field of solar energy and are benefitting the bottom lines of their clients while improving public perception and helping reduce their environmental impact.

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With the same core team that Advanced Energy started with in 2001, the company showcases a diverse range of expertise that has driven its success over these many years. “Our experience is important. We feel it’s our attention to detail that sets us apart,” says Dwayne Snider, owner and president of Advanced Energy. Having installed over 1,000 renewable energy systems for a variety of customers, Dwayne’s key vision and direction has remained consistent—it’s about creating efficiency.

“Traditional energy production is a bedrock of Canada’s economic strength as well as a requirement for our own high standard of living,” says Dwayne. Advanced Energy’s objective is highlighting the growing importance of mixing traditional production with sources of renewable production. Dwayne works hard to change that perception that all too often characterizes this issue: if you are for traditional energy production, you must be anti-renewables and vice versa. This polarized public opinion stifles potential developments and efficiencies that collaboration can produce.

Advanced Energy breaks this standard with technological innovations in solar energy that are designed for industrial use. Their micro solar power plant, POWERBLOX, is designed specifically for commercial and industrial markets. The system presents several important benefits including: the cost savings associated with reduction of consumption from traditional grids, the improved public perception companies receive as backers of renewable power initiatives, and most importantly the knowledge that you are actively doing something that is helping the environment.

Canadians care deeply for our country’s environment. People are active with outdoor activity whether it be weekends at the cabin, hunting and fishing in northern forests or simply taking the family to visit one of Canada’s parks. As sources of renewable energy become more and more economically attractive, companies have an incredible opportunity to demonstrate their value as not only important industrial and economic factors, but environmental ones too.

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The POWERBLOX system is one such opportunity companies should consider when looking to reduce their energy costs and environmental impact. POWERBLOX follows a global trend of micro solar power facility development as energy costs rise and new threats of carbon taxation emerge.

Representing an initial investment of $61,120, and connected to SaskPower NET meter program, at current retail kW/hr rates, the POWERBLOX’s average annual return on investment over a 20-year period is 11.25%. Over this time, the ROI represents an incredible $137,680.47. A Federal Government accelerated Tax credit is also available for business and industry customers adding even greater ROI.

Designed and engineered with space saving in mind, the POWERBLOX only requires a flat area of approximately 30’ x 80’. Moreover, the units are made for easy assembly. Prebuilt at Advanced Energy’s site, the units are designed for quick assembly and can also be re-located in desired. Having a smaller unit ensures easier proximity and assembly to existing grid power or meter location, which in turn translates to increased return on investment.

If improving the cost effectiveness of your power consumption is of interest to your organization, then it is important to start considering mixing new renewable technologies into your current production. Not only is it good for a company’s bottom line, it is good for your company’s image and the environment.

Advanced Energy Inc.
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