Building for the future: The MSMA and creating rural opportunities

The Mid-Saskatchewan Municipal Alliance (MSMA) was formed when BHP first discussed their plans to create the Jansen potash project, with the MSMA’s goal being to create a stronger rural Saskatchewan through supporting businesses within the rural Saskatchewan areas. BHP plans to create over 3,500 jobs in the Mid-Sask region during construction and 600 long-term roles. Working towards the goal of a stronger rural Saskatchewan came with the intention of developing communities into something that could sustain themselves and thrive so that the new job opportunities from the mines opening in 2026 not only have opportunity for work, but create a bustling community for people to live in. Currently the MSMA has seven municipalities within their umbrella, all operating collaboratively towards community improvement and sustainability.

Planning for prosperity
Barry Morishita, executive director of the MSMA, says that, “There really is an importance in regionalization, collaboration, and cooperation.” This is especially important when such a great opportunity is placed in front of the MSMA with the new mines coming in the next few years. With the combined efforts of their municipalities and the MSMA’s staff, there is the belief and hope that through bringing in more services and looking at what prospective residents want from their communities that the MSMA can work with their municipalities to meet these needs. Thus, through building and investing into their community the area can be prosperous for all in the long-term. This goal however, requires the MSMA to look at the Mid-Saskatchewan region with fresh eyes.

Sustainable opportunities
In the grand scheme of things, the MSMA is not only working towards building better infrastructure within rural Saskatchewan areas but is also trying to create sustainable opportunities not only for prospective investors, but for potential community members. The MSMA does this by thinking about what their municipalities currently do not have, and thinking about what things new families and workers may want from their community. Things such as hospitals, vet clinics, grocery stores, and cinemas are just a few examples of things that the MSMA is trying to bring to their communities to make them stronger. These new businesses coupled with the lower taxes and housing costs has the potential to make not only a well-balanced community, but a fresh and lively one. “We should be forward thinking enough to recognize that our best path forward is to work together,” says Morishita on municipalities working collaboratively towards a primary goal of sustainability and prosperity. By filling the gaps in services, the mid-Sask region itself will have the ability to keep itself thriving amidst a boom of potential.

ruA team effort
When discussing what the MSMA already has in place and planned, Morishita brings up their business database on the MSMA site, where mid-Saskatchewan businesses are listed and can be searched up based on business name, sector, and member. The ability to have a database of business shows great potential for the MSMA when it comes to expansion and accessibility. By building momentum for their communities and region through showing that the seven separate municipalities are stronger and more prosperous when combined in efforts, the MSMA hopes to show prospective developers and investors that this is not simply one small town they’re putting their time and money towards, but the entire Mid-Sask region that has potential to grow and prosper thanks to their collaboration. This team effort within the municipalities will only become stronger as more join the MSMA with the intention of creating a thriving region for everyone.

Belief in a region
With the plans to build a prosperous future for the mid-Saskatchewan region, the MSMA is one of the few groups that already sees the potential and opportunity of the area they work and reside in. The chance for expansion of not only industry but community is what makes their work admirable, especially in a world where new community members can bring new opportunities and ideas to the region. MSMA  plans to work with all communities including non-members to try and build a stronger area. By investing in their own future and enticing new members to the region with a multitude of exciting opportunities, the MSMA is doing the necessary work of creating a better Saskatchewan as a whole.

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