Blazing trails: First Nations Power Authority sees the future in clean energy

The energy transition is here. The world has been tasked with decarbonizing our energy use, and the time is now to embrace the future. Canada’s Indigenous communities have a major role to play in the move to clean energy, and First Nations Power Authority (FNPA) can help decarbonize our economy and enhance Indigenous participation at the same time.

Who we are

FNPA is the first and only Indigenous led, owned, and governed not-for-profit organization of its kind in North America. We connect over 165-member Indigenous communities and renewable energy companies in the development of environmentally preferred power generation projects. We act as an advocate and provide expert advice for Indigenous communities in renewable energy assessments, project design and delivery on a cost recovery basis with federal government and provincial partners. FNPA also leads the design and delivery of Indigenous-led procurement programs through a competitive bid process open to all 74 of Saskatchewan’s First Nations.

Pathways to powerful opportunities

Since its inception, FNPA has been committed to empowering First Nations to pursue energy sovereignty through clean energy and assists First Nations to navigate the clean energy sector through meaningful engagement with industry partners. Over the past year, FNPA has participated in several conversations with Electricity Canada, Canadian Renewable Energy Association, Energy Council of Canada, provincial and municipal electrical utilities, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, as well as large and small producers of renewable energy. We are working together to build a nation-to-nation, sovereign and self-determining relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canada.

Making it happen

FNPA recognizes the strong role it can play with the federal government in bringing new projects, programs and initiatives for our clean energy future while at the same time increasing Indigenous led participation in the sector. FNPA is delivering on its vision, contributing to both climate action and real reconciliation. We bring together Indigenous people, government, industry and Canadians for meaningful implementation of rights, respect, co-operation, and lasting partnerships through clean energy projects.

How it can work

FNPA has a long-established, well-regarded reputation in the energy sector and the experience and expertise needed to create and manage funding projects, programs and initiatives for the province’s energy future.

We see a Saskatchewan with utility-scale, renewable energy projects that improve our grid reliability and accelerate clean energy adoption, such as smart grids and virtual net-metering for communities, net zero home retrofits, and grid scale energy storage.

We see a Saskatchewan with programs that focus on large geographic areas and many communities, such as demand-side management, energy efficiency retrofits, community energy planning and capacity building in the trades.

We see a Saskatchewan with initiatives that increase Indigenous involvement in the energy sector and the broader economy. We specialize in maximizing participation in clean energy projects and identifying strategies for funding your project.

It’s worth it

FNPA also sees the major economic impact this will have on our province and our Indigenous communities. There has never been a better time to join FNPA and our network of Indigenous and industry players to further develop equity ownership opportunities through our strategic partners. FNPA is here to help bring a bright, new clean energy future to everyone in Saskatchewan. It’s time.

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