Behind Every Work of Art is a Story

Pauline Leippi - Standing Tall

Scott Nicholson Fine Arts Showcases Saskatchewan’s Remarkable Talent

Scott Nicholson. Photo by Shane Luhning.

Since he was a child, Scott Nicholson has loved art—a passion lovingly cultivated by his mother. That love of art led to not only a career but an entrepreneurial venture that lets Nicholson do what he loves most—work with art, artists and the people that love both.

“Before I started my company, I was working for a public art gallery where my primary responsibility was financial development,” says Nicholson. “Creating corporate relationships was key for the gallery, and an important way for gallery artists to exhibit their works to new audiences.” At that time, the corporate sector was extremely supportive of the visual arts, and corporations were eager to provide the gallery with corporate funding in return for continual art installations in their corporate environments.

However, the gallery director felt that corporate support at this level was not bringing in the results that she had anticipated, she decided to end the corporate relationships. “I felt this level of corporate support was unprecedented and couldn’t be ended abruptly,” says Nicholson. “As well, I found that the business possibilities were endless. Taking the corporate supporters with me, I started my company.”

Since its inception in 2011, Scott Nicholson Fine Arts has made a significant commitment to the corporate sector, as well as to the visual arts in our province. The company just doesn’t install works of fine art—it encourages dialogue with their clientele. “We share the experience of viewing fine art, taking interest in the nuances of each work, and engage in a casual and informal manner, making fine art more enjoyable and approachable,” says Nicholson. “We tell the stories behind the works of art, and the artists who create them. This encourages interaction between viewers, with the viewer and the artist, and with my unique company.”

Dave Smith – Cadmium No. 9.

Scott Nicholson Fine Arts cultivates engaging experiences with fine art, advocates for business innovation and excellence, and is the destination for the curation of historical and contemporary corporate exhibitions. “This might sound very formal, but I work very hard to ensure that I make fine art available to everyone, beautiful for the corporate environment, affordable and reasonably priced,” says Nicholson.

Acting as an agent on the acquisition of original works of fine art, Nicholson represents the incredible talent of our province’s artists and designers. The company’s unique list of services includes curatorial services, leasing of art works, a layaway program, fine art asset management, fine art appraisals, fine art for corporate gifts, assisting corporations with the investment of a fine art collection, managing an existing collection, and specialized commissions of distinction and excellence.

“I am proud of the unique nature of my company, acting not as a public or commercial art gallery, but rather as a fine art consultancy,” says Nicholson. “I create fine art styling plans that are exclusive and select only to specific client needs, styling plans that are personalized, distinct, and created to exceed every expectation.”

Scott Nicholson Fine Arts
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