A Sense of Security: Iron Spear is Your Partner in a World Full of Risk

Cyber security is on the mind of businesspeople in ventures big and small. Protecting privacy, intellectual property, trade secrets and other proprietary information is a key priority for enterprises. With boards, regulators and insurers demanding appropriate IT security programs—and executives being measured on security performance—cyber security is no longer just a subfunction of IT, but rather another part of doing business today.

Security has become a complex field requiring a broad range of skills, often too many for the average organization to staff internally.  To this end, Iron Spear Information Security Ltd., as an independent consulting firm, takes a holistic partnership approach to cyber security. They bring a wide variety of skillsets to the table offering both advisory and managed services to their clients without ever applying sales pressure.  Their guidance, no matter where you are on your cyber security journey, can lead you to a solution that works for your organization. Because the questions stack up quickly when you start down the cyber security path.

Rome was not built in a day.

So, how do you start protecting your business from the many threats out there? If you are working on your cyber security needs, how do you know you are doing enough? How do you stay ahead of the threats and protect your business now and in the future? Unfortunately, security problems are not solved with a single out-of-the-box solution. While tech vendors offer products with many bells and whistles, it takes more than technology to protect your enterprise. While industry standards such as ISO and NIST provide a starting point, to be successful in cyber security you either need a broad range of inhouse cyber skills, or you need a partner that understands what you need to protect and considers how your business works. Iron Spear knows the complexity that comes with cyber security, and they are there to help every step of the way.

“The biggest thing to remember when dealing with cyber security is to go for bronze before you shoot for gold,” says Jason Grimbeek, Iron Spear founder and CEO. “You’re won’t achieve ‘ultimate security’ on the first day. It takes time, patience and planning to get the policy, structure and technology that works for your company.” Iron Spear’s advisors start with the quick wins to reduce risk, and then move onto building a long-term relationship that stays agile as your business and the risks change. “We’re not here to sell you a tech solution and then be on our way. Iron Spear is about providing independent advice that is aligned to your business and budget, whatever its size.”

Find security in the land of living skies.

Founded in Vancouver with offices in Regina and Calgary, Iron Spear knows the importance of a local focus. “We’re well-versed in the business needs of Saskatchewan’s companies and organizations,” says Grimbeek. “We have built a team with a wealth of expertise in finance, mining, energy, industrial controls and so much more. And we’re actively recruiting in Saskatchewan and investing in bursaries with Saskatchewan Polytechnic to grow the local capabilities.” The agile company is committed to developing relationships that last and being flexible for every customer’s unique needs. “85 per cent of our business is from repeat customers, and most of our new customers come from referrals. We’re proud of that, and we think the value we provide shows in our track record.”

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