A Bundle of Energy: Meridian Solar & Electric Inc. Harnesses the Sun

Saskatchewan is well-known for waving wheatfields, funny words like bunnyhug, and gorgeous skies that seems to go on forever. Those ‘living skies’ are also home to something else—the sun. We have long days of sunshine all summer, and even in the shortest days of winter the sun is often shining brightly in the cold. Meridian Solar & Electric Inc., based in Radville, is making the most of the Saskatchewan sunshine for businesses and residences. Owners Shane Hunter and Jennifer Riviere have embraced solar energy, bringing it to enthusiastic customers across southern Saskatchewan. “I spent several years in California, working as a solar installer before moving back to Saskatchewan and becoming an electrician,” says Hunter. “I met Jennifer in Prince Albert, and we moved to Radville three years ago to start our business as an electrical contractor and solar technology company.” Hunter and Riviere haven’t looked back since.

Solar Panel RowToday, the company installs solar panels at homes, farms and businesses, reducing power bills and demand on Saskatchewan’s power grid. While every customer is different, solar panels can mean a massive reduction in power costs—and for some, it means no power expenses at all. “The benefits of solar power are great for many power consumers,” says Hunter. “Not only is it environmentally friendly, a system can pay for itself in about 10 years but has a 25-year warranty and can produce energy for much longer. The reduction in power costs over time pays for the system.” Plus, solar panels alleviate demand on the power grid. Panels reduce demand at the consumption end of the grid, meaning panels can help when power consumption is high on the hot days of summer with air conditioning, and the cold days of winter with heating. “Less demand on the grid benefits SaskPower, while saving you money because you’re using essentially free power from the sun,” says Hunter.

Shane Hunter and Jennifer Riviere

Shane Hunter and Jennifer Riviere

The process to get a solar system is simple. Meridian will come to your home or business to assess your energy needs, and determine what will work for you and the grid. The company takes a holistic approach to your energy needs, seeing where you can make overall improvements to your energy consumption from all sources. Energy efficiency is the goal, and that can include things like improved insulation, efficient appliances, and better heating systems. Meridian also looks at the grid that is serving your home or business. “The power grid is essential to the process,” says Hunter. “We need to ensure the grid is ready for solar panels, and we work with SaskPower to get approval. SaskPower also has a generous rebate program for installations that are very beneficial for solar customers.”

While interest and installations in solar energy have been steadily growing over the years, it’s by no means replacing oil, gas and coal. “We’re not in competition with the oil and gas sector to replace it,” says Riviere. “Solar and other renewables like wind are complementary to more traditional forms of energy. The province, and the world, needs more energy all the time. Solar is a cost-effective, sustainable way to meet the growing power demand in homes and businesses.”

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