Now What? Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

Marketing post-COVID.

Now that millions of us are getting vaccinated and the world is slowly returning to normal, we can look back and see what we did right and what we did wrong when we were marketing during the pandemic. But what about marketing post-COVID? Is it a return back to normal along with wearing pants and commuting to the office?

Yes…and no.

Some of the marketing strategies we used prepandemic will most certainly return, such as in-person event marketing and networking events. However, a lot of the things we learned about marketing when the world
stopped moving for over a year will still be relevant in the future.

One of the most important lessons we can learn from the pandemic is that our marketing strategy must be fluid and open to changes.

Here are a few of the marketing tips you can use once the pandemic is in the rearview mirror:

A fluid marketing strategy is necessary

Raise your hand if you had no idea how to promote your business in 2020. Or if you felt like you had whiplash changing your marketing strategy repeatedly over the last 16 months…

One of the most important lessons we can learn from the pandemic is that our marketing strategy must be fluid and open to changes. In 2020, those who relied upon in-person marketing had to adapt to somehow getting their products in front of their ideal customers without leaving their dining room.

When creating your marketing plan, don’t be afraid to try new things, diversify how you conduct marketing, and note the metrics to see what works and what can be left behind with that cheesy Harry Potter themed Zoom background you used when you met with your boss (sans pants, of course).

Online marketing is vital, even during a non-pandemic

We are living in an online world, that’s never been more true. While in-person marketing still definitely has a place in your marketing strategy, relying strictly on billboards or in-person events for your marketing is likely a poor decision.

Instead, bolster your social media presence, try running digital ads, or create an online store to ensure that even if a pandemic starts (or this one keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny), you won’t see a drastic drop in sales.

Embrace video

Now that Google owns YouTube and TikTok has exploded, it’s clear that video is here to stay. Live video is a digital marketing strategy that helps businesses connect with consumers from all over the world, and marketers expect to continue using it after seeing huge results from adding video content to social media and websites. It’s easier than you might think to add some video to your marketing: use Instagram stories to show some business personality, record a welcome to your website video for your Home page, or do a Facebook Live to share some new products.

The brands that were successful during the pandemic are poised to be successful after the pandemic

My family made a point of ordering dinner once a week from our favourite local restaurants during the pandemic. We knew that when in-person dining was paused, we had to do our part to keep them running so we could enjoy them in person again once things returned to normal. Some of the restaurants we ordered from the most pushed their products frequently on social media, reminded us that their food is amazing, and simplified the process of ordering.

Those are the types of businesses that will continue to be successful. Was it a challenge for them? I am positive it was. But they persevered and rolled with the proverbial punches. That’s a good idea for all businesses, regardless of a pandemic.

As we (hopefully) say goodbye to COVID-19, now is the time to take stock of what worked and what didn’t, and apply those lessons accordingly. Our “normal” is different now, and marketing needs to reflect that.