Saskatchewan Leaders in Profile: Eric Dillon, Visionary

Eric Dillon, Visionary
Eric Dillon, Visionary. Photo by Shane Luhning.

Eric Dillon is CEO of Conexus Credit Union and a leader within the cooperative finance movement in Canada. He’s a serial innovator having been involved in some of the credit union system’s recent innovations such as mobile payments, community venture capital, social impact financing, and measuring financial wellness.

Eric has been recognized nationally and internationally for his work in social media, innovation, and leadership and was most recently a recipient of the 2019 Governor General of Canada Innovation Award.

Eric is an active mentor to many within the business community and a frequent commentator and presenter to business audiences across Canada. He currently serves on the board of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club, Concentra Bank, and Economic Development Regina.

What is the most dangerous trait in a leader’s career?

“As your career progresses and you grow into roles of more seniority and scale, there are many new demands to manage and opportunities to consider. It can become very easy to get distracted as to what the most important thing is. Never, ever forget who your customer is and what it is they might need. My customer will always be those that our business serves (external customers) and those that you lead within the business (internal customers). If you get focused on the other things, you might become irrelevant to both of those groups.”

If you could give one piece of advice about leadership, what would it be?

“Leadership is about your ability to lead self, to lead others, and finally to lead enterprises. When you begin leading others and leading enterprises, don’t forget to continue leading yourself. The business world is dynamic and changes quickly. Your effectiveness as a leader will directly correlate to the ability to evolve yourself and your skills at the same pace.”

What is your favourite thing about doing business in Saskatchewan?

“In Saskatchewan, we comment frequently about being overlooked due to our size. In today’s networked and connected economy, business problems will be solved by rapidly bringing people together (business, government, academia) to solve complex problems. In our closely connected Saskatchewan, it is really easy to get connected with other leaders and to work together to solve problems. Getting things done in Saskatchewan is infinitely easier than other places in Canada.”

From Someone Who Knows

“Eric Dillon provided one of the best leadership presentations I’ve heard in a long time. He hit on a lot of great areas from how to lead employees, to getting a building talent, to recognizing our competitive advantages, and to think big. Bravo!!” – Saskatchewan Government Presentation Attendee

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