Captains of Industry: Saskatchewan Leaders in Profile

Paul Martin and Mary-Lynn Charlton, Martin Charlton Communications

When we started working on this feature, we thought we had an idea on exactly how deep the pool of Saskatchewan leaders was. Even we were pleasantly surprised at the number of incredible people building our economy and creating prosperity in the place they are all proud to call home.

The fourteen people and organizations included are just some of the remarkable “captains of industry” leading the way in business and industry in the province.

We also reached out to two other leaders to write the introduction to this feature to capture their thoughts on the subject of leadership in our province:

“Leadership comes in many shapes and forms. There are those who lead from the front, others who quietly push from the rear. Defining leadership in a single sentence or phrase is simply not possible yet we all know a leader when we see one.

The root word of leadership though is ‘lead’ and that is ultimately what we call on these individuals to do.

To identify, either solely or with those around them, a goal or target that represents something better than the present state and then cajole, remind, push and encourage their team mates to confidently and relentlessly pursue that objective.

The ship captain has two choices: pick the destination and sail to it or simply put the boat out to sea and see where the current takes it.

The leaders we have identified in Saskatchewan today have a track record of doing more than merely reacting to the weather conditions …they know where they are going and have a motivated crew capable of reaching it.”

– Paul Martin and Mary-Lynn Charlton, Martin Charlton Communications