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IW Business Bulletin – December 24, 2021

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Great Western Brewing Company revamp

Saskatoon’s Great Western Brewing Company has applied to rezone its current location at 519 2nd Avenue North to develop a new brewing facility. The company is hoping to build the new facility on the southeast corner of the and integrate it with its existing building that faces 2nd Avenue. The original 1927 building, which is a heritage resource identified by the Saskatoon Register of Historic Places, will stay. The project, if approved, will also create
7,200 square feet of leasable commercial space in the original building.

Great Western Brewing’s plans also include new brewing equipment that is expected to improve efficiency in water usage, energy consumption, and residual aroma released in atmosphere (the occasional smell of brewer’s yeast). Saskatoon City Council is scheduled to consider the proposal next year.

Gensource Potash increases asset base

Gensource Potash Corporation announced December 21 that the company has acquired an additional potash permit area near its Tugaske potash project. The total price paid to the Government of Saskatchewan was $103,305, or $14.26 per hectare of Crown mineral rights.

“Gensource is leading the way to what it believes is the future of the potash industry and this land addition is an exciting opportunity to complete further geological and project development work towards a potential new project. We are already seeing new players following Gensource’s lead, but the combination of Gensource’s technical expertise to actually implement a project, innovative business thinking, and first mover advantage means exciting things ahead for the Company as we engage with new potential partners for future projects,” said Gensource president and CEO Mike Ferguson.

Saskatchewan manufacturing sales grow

The Government of Saskatchewan reported December 21 that manufacturing sales increasing 53 per cent (seasonally adjusted) between October 2020 and October 2021, the highest year-over-year increase among all provinces. As well, sales increased by 5.9 per cent in October 2021 compared to September 2021, the second highest month-to-month increase among the provinces.

Saskatchewan’s manufacturing sales in October were worth $1.8 billion in total.

SKRR Exploration Inc. reports significant finds

SKRR Exploration reported drilling results from its Manson Bay gold project in east-central Saskatchewan, finding significant gold, silver and zinc mineralization.

“The Manson Bay results are exciting. SKRR is pleased to let all of our long-term investors and all new investors know that we are just getting started. In the last few years, we have done all that we set out to do with multiple discoveries. Even better is we start drilling again in January 2022 and will soon announce back-to-back drill programs at the Olson property along with going back to Manson Bay. Saskatchewan has so much to offer. The Trans Hudson Corridor is extremely well known, yet way underexplored. That is about to change. SKRR is not the only one dedicating serious resources to uncovering the mineral wealth of Saskatchewan, one of the world’s top jurisdictions,” said SKRR Exploration CEO Sherman Dahl.

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