Saskatchewan Staycations Offer New Adventures

Somewhere along the way we were taught that to have an adventure we needed to leave home. Book a plane ticket and put on some serious miles or your vacation just doesn’t rate. But the old adage of looking in your own backyard is especially relevant in our home province.

To get you started, we’ve gathered (just) 10 neat things you’ve (quite possibly) never experienced in Saskatchewan.

  1.  Visit one of the darkest dark sky preserves in the world—Val Marie

One of 14 sites in Canada, the Grasslands National Park Dark Sky Preserve covers 527 sq km. Experience a remarkably dark star-filled sky and night time wildlife undisturbed by light pollution.

  1. Fly through the trees of the boreal forest in Northern Saskatchewan—Elkridge

Over 4,000 feet of ziplines connected by treetop platforms showcase breathtaking views of Elk Ridge Resort’s 27-hole championship golf course and the boreal forest.

  1. Ride the rails for a 1920s experience—Ogema

Southern Prairie Railway is located in beautiful Southern Saskatchewan and showcases the beauty and modesty of the prairies.

  1. Hike the Massold Clay Canyons—Claybank

Located within a 256-acre wildlife area, the canyons are home to indigenous foliage like the prickly-pear cactus and prairie crocuses. Their proximity to the Claybank Brick Plant National Historic site makes this a great destination for a day of exploration.

  1. Wander the mystical twisted trees of Alticane—Hafford

Situated on private land northwest of Hafford in the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve, the three-acre grove of aspens is the stuff of spooky films and local folklore. A winding boardwalk through the grove protects the trees and habitat.

  1. Tour the countryside offerings of Valley Road—Saskatoon

Just south of the city lies the scenic route of Valley Road, home to everything from The Berry Barn with its hydroponic strawberries, riverside view and craft store to the Black Fox Farm and Distillery and its flowers, festivals and spirits. Throw in a bit of play with the Crickle Creek Family Fun Zone just down the road.

  1. Meet the waters at Nistowiak Falls—La Ronge

Adventure seekers, this one’s for you! Nistowiak Falls are one of the highest natural waterfalls in Saskatchewan. Accessible only via floatplane or boat, visitors can canoe 20km E from Stanley Mission on the Churchill River or arrange a boat tour with private operators from the Mission.

  1. Take in the giant sandcastles on Lake Diefenbaker’s northern shore—Beechy

Follow the trail to see breathtaking views of large sand dunes, teepee rings and the famous Sunken Hill, a plateau hill that sank suddenly years ago, along with an abundance of wildlife.

  1. Discover a lighthouse on the prairies—Cochin

Built in 1989 as a tourism project, the lighthouse overlooks Jackfish and Murray lakes, the townsite and surrounding farmland. The incredible view from this fully functional lighthouse is all yours with a climb of just 153 steps.

  1. Commemorate the grain harvest at a community threshing bee—Various

Often held over multiple days, threshing bees often include markets, activity booths, parades, food and dances. They are a social way to celebrate and preserve our heritage.