It’s World Pasta Day on October 25!

A field of Canadian durum against a bright blue Prairie sky. (CNW Group/Cereals Canada)

Canadian durum’s superior yellow pigmentation, high protein content, good gluten quality, and semolina yield make it a prized wheat for pasta. (CNW Group/Cereals Canada)

Did you know October 25 is World Pasta Day? With Canada’s position as the world’s leading exporter of durum wheat, we have a lot to celebrate. Our durum wheat is grown only on the Prairies. In the last five years, 23 million tonnes of Canadian durum was exported to 49 countries – including Morocco, Algeria, Italy, the United States, Peru, and Japan – and eaten at kitchen tables by millions and millions.

Canada’s durum wheat makes up over half the world’s durum exports and it’s recognized for its beautiful colour, high protein content, good gluten quality and overall semolina yield.

“CWAD provides the beautiful, bright yellow colour that pasta makers—and pasta lovers—look for,” says Kasia McMillin, Cereals Canada technical specialist, end-products Asian products and pasta. “As for texture, pasta made with Canadian durum has a satisfying, firm bite quality that is inherent of its protein content and gluten strength. I think CWAD makes the best pasta in the world.”

Want to celebrate World Pasta Day? Cereals Canada has some ideas on how. Eat some pasta- it’s delicious, budget-friendly and everybody loves it. Invite a few people over, and make it a potluck party tonight. Share your love of pasta on social media with the hashtags #CelebrateCanadianDurum and #WorldPastaDay on Twitter and Instagram. Always look for pasta make with 100 per cent Canadian durum semolina – check the label.

Did you know? World Pasta Day was first celebrated in 1995 when 40 pasta producers from around the world gathered to hold the globe’s first World Pasta Congress.

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