Telling Regina’s powerful story

Chris Lane, CEO, Economic Development Regina.

There’s an old saying that goes “if you don’t tell your story, someone else will.” That has perhaps never been truer than right now. Regina people are known for their humble, even quiet ways. And while there is a time and place for being humble, now is not the time and this is not the place.

Regina has an amazing story to tell, and it’s high time to tell it.

In the fall of 2021, Economic Development Regina (EDR) launched Regina’s Agriculture and Food Innovation Strategy, which articulates a multi-sectoral opportunity for the region and shares that story with the world. Regina is playing a vital role in meeting a growing demand for safe, sustainably produced, high-quality food. As the world’s population grows, so does demand. Regina is fast becoming a global ag and food hub.

Earlier this year, EDR launched Regina’s first-ever Place Brand. The brand captures and celebrates the things that make Regina unique and attractive for investors, visitors, and residents alike. It is a clear, consistent narrative that everyone can own and share. It is a story that, like the rest of our community, we built together. Regina’s Place Brand is a tool for attracting new businesses and new opportunities to Regina to make our already thriving city even better.

Regina’s story is one of people who are deeply rooted in the land. It’s a story of diverse, community-minded people who strive to make positive change. It’s a story of entrepreneurs who turn dreams into businesses, and residents who enjoy an outstanding quality of life. It’s the story of a place where you know your neighbours, where block parties still exist, and where festivals bring out the whole community. Our city, while small in stature, offers big city opportunities. Regina is truly a place to Grow Your World.

Many of the things that make Regina special extend well beyond our city limits to all of Saskatchewan: a rapidly growing economy that offers major opportunities in ag and food and other sectors; a young, diverse, and enthusiastic population with the energy to transform communities; and the same “get-it-done” prairie attitude that drives so many success stories in this province.

The key for all of us is how we can work together to leverage our assets, elevate our stories, and seize our opportunities. We’ve got the foundation, now it’s time to show, and tell, the world what we’re made of.