Skyxe Saskatoon Airport: Embracing Change

Photo courtesy Skyxe Saskatoon Airport

Photo courtesy Skyxe Saskatoon Airport

Visually stunning asset development, most notably the Air Terminal building, certainly enhance people’s experiences and their impressions. But it’s what Skyxe Saskatoon Airport (Skyxe) does as a community-driven and guest-oriented airport that sets it apart.

In 2016, the Saskatoon Airport was re-branded as Skyxe Saskatoon Airport. With deep Prairie roots, Skyxe is dedicated to providing an uplifting experience to all who come through its doors.

Skyxe is committed to be the most valued airport experience in Canada. Working with airport partners, Skyxe provides air service options, on-time departures and top-notch service that have earned it some of the highest ratings in the industry. Details matter. The Airport Service Quality (ASQ) program is the airport industry’s preeminent global benchmarking program measuring passenger satisfaction in real time while passengers are at the airport. Implemented at over 300 airports worldwide, the ASQ program delivers an in-depth assessment of the quality of the customer service experience, including elements such as cleanliness, check-in, security, wayfinding, food and beverage, and more. The resulting database allows for a comprehensive analysis of the customer service experience at each participating airport.

Skyxe has consistently delivered quality service, earning the prestigious ASQ awards for ‘Most Improved Airport in North America’ in 2015, and the ‘Best Airport in North America’ in 2016, for airports hosting under two million passengers.

Photo courtesy Skyxe Saskatoon Airport

In addition, for the second consecutive year, Skyxe achieved FlightStats’ number one ranking in Canada for On-Time Performance. This outstanding achievement is being noticed by the industry and is a valuable selling point to airlines when service enhancements are discussed.

Skyxe delivers wide-ranging benefits to the community. Air service is an important economic driver, producing an estimated 102 jobs for every daily flight of a 150-seat aircraft. With 1,460 jobs at the airport and an additional estimated 8,026 spin-off jobs created in the community due to the airport’s presence, the Saskatoon Airport has an economic impact of approximately $1.05 billion (R.P. Erickson and Associates Economic Impact Study, 2017).

With recent stakeholder and community consultations, Skyxe looks to the future by developing an Airport Master Plan. Focusing on operational excellence, air service growth and service quality, the role of the Master Plan is to look forward 20 years at the best allocation of resources to meet the requirements of our growing community.

Being in the unique position of providing the first and last impressions of the airport and of the communities it serves, Skyxe Saskatoon Airport continues to embrace change to meet the needs of its guests.

Stephen Maybury is the President and CEO of the Saskatoon Airport Authority.