Save Energy. Save Money.

SaskPower Energy Efficiency Programs

Improving energy efficiency is an important pursuit for any business, large or small. In Saskatchewan, becoming energy efficient is being made easy by SaskPower programs that help customers to better manage and control their power usage. By assisting customers become more energy efficient, SaskPower can reduce new infrastructure and support the deferral of building new generation. Following this strategy, they are seeing both environmental and economic benefits which is key to SaskPower’s long-term supply plan.

SaskPower has a number of different tools and programs available for their clients. When customers are able to understand where and how they are using electricity, their businesses can be more strategic in how they save money and help the environment. For small to medium sized companies spending less than $45,000 a year on power consumption, SaskPower offers a free online energy efficiency assessment. This assessment looks at physical buildings and equipment and it provides tips for no-cost or low-cost actions to save money or recommendations for SaskPower’s incentive programs.. SaskPower’s walk-through audit is designed for larger business customers use 300,000-600,000 kilowatt (kWh) hours per year and have facilities greater than 15,000 square feet. Customers that qualify for the program receive an in-person facility audit that details their power consumption, provides recommendations on different opportunities within their facility, and indicates where they can improve and be more energy efficient.

On average, 40 percent of electrical expenses for many small to medium sized companies are associated with their lighting bills. As such, SaskPower offers its Commercial Lighting Incentive Program. It offers rebates on select energy efficient lighting products and equipment provided through local distributors and contractors. Commercial customers that make this shift can see significant savings on their annual lighting costs. Not only do customers see lower electricity bills, but they also enjoy reduced associated costs of maintenance.

Similar to the lighting program, the Commercial Refrigeration Incentive Program offers rebates on qualified energy efficient refrigeration products. For businesses in the food service and restaurant industry, the expense of refrigeration is considerable, often making up 50 percent of the company’s electrical bill.

For projects that do not fall into the programs already mentioned, SaskPower has a Commercial Energy Optimization Program. This custom program has been set up to provide financial incentives to larger business customers that are pursuing new energy efficient technology and practices at their facilities. Customers have to qualify in order to participate and have to use more than 450,000 kWh per year.

Going larger in scale, SaskPower offers the Industrial Optimization Program. Offered to the largest industrial and manufacturing customers, it provides personalized support and technical assistance to identify where energy management or capital projects would provide energy efficiency optimization within facilities. Customers go through an identification process, development phase and implementation of identified strategies. Tailored for larger industries customers, this program provides education, awareness, and in some circumstances, financial incentives for energy efficiency optimizations.

Rounding out awareness for their programs, SaskPower has an Energy Efficiency Partners Program that works with small and medium business organizations to help customers make energy efficient choices. Partners include vendors, contractors, distributors, retailers and more. SaskPower provides them with information on emerging trends in technology, current programs, and sets up networking opportunities with these partners to educate customers about their programs and incentives. This partnership is a valuable route for educating potential users of these programs.

Saskatchewan businesses can benefit by developing a culture of energy efficiency. Not only does it save individual companies considerable amounts on their energy consumption, it plays an important role in reducing our environmental impact. By 2030, SaskPower is trying to achieve a goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent when compared to 2005 levels.

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